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I’m such a stickler about information security. Having worked in that field, I know too much to ever feel comfortable online again. The internet is a dangerous place and should be handled with care. “Oh, it won’t affect me, I live in little old Lead, nothing bad happens here, and besides I don’t have anything to hide.” The thing about the internet is that for better and for worse it connects us to every other person on the planet. AND… You do have a lot to hide. What if someone stole your bank account information, your identity, or even your social media accounts? They could do pretty terrible damage and inconvenience to your life! And do you have a plan for exiting the stage? Either leaving a job or being incapacitated in some way, the internet plays a huge part in our lives and it’s pretty important to leave safe access to our accounts and passwords for whomever has to clean up behind us. Here’s some simple ways to improve your online security and keep things organized:

  1. Use long passwords. They don’t need to be complicated, length is much more safe. Use the longest available length (ideally 30 characters). Think of a sentence instead of a word.

  2. How do you remember all those long (never repeated) passwords? Open a password management account. DO NOT use the password remember function on your browser. Do you know how many times I’ve taken over for someone in a job only to find every important password from their life stored on their browser? What if your computer got stolen? Also a good thing about a password manager is that you can let someone else have emergency access if something happens to you. I think you’ll find that it makes your life SO much easier – especially if you have both personal and work accounts.

  3. Enable 2 factor authentication on all accounts. This is a second piece of information that you’d have to give to login successfully. It may be a pin code texted to your phone (not that secure but better than nothing) or it could be a separate rolling code from an app (Google Authenticator). Yes, this can be a pain, but you know what’s a bigger pain? Losing access to info when you most need it, or having to recover your life when things are stolen.

  4. Have a sit down chat with the people closest to you. Do you have a will? (If you don’t, PLEASE get one!) Take the same kind of precautions with your online stuff. Tell your spouse what accounts you use to pay bills, make a document about what things and accounts to check. Make sure the bookkeeper or accountant is part of your financial life so that they could help organize your finances if something terrible happened. Make sure your boss could access what was needed for work, that you have documents prepared that outline what you do and how you do it. It won’t take you more than a few hours, but will save you a lot of time later. If they have emergency access to your password manager it will be a lot more seamless.

You’re changing your habits here, you’re installing new routines. This is always a little bit harder and a little bit more inconvenient than we’d prefer.  Just remember that it’s saving you potential heartache and struggle later. You are in the habit of putting your seatbelt on (I HOPE!) and at this point you don’t even think about it. Instilling these 4 routines will become just as easy after a little while.


_____ Here’s what’s happening in Lead this week

Thursday 9/2 –

-7:15AM Men’s Breakfast @ Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

-3PM Bingo @ Jailhouse Taps

-5PM  – Book Signing at the Adams Museum with Dr. David Wolff.  Dr. Wolff will sign copies of his latest book, The Savior of Deadwood: James K.P. Miller on the Gold Frontier. Copies of the book will be available for purchase. Dr. Wolff will provide a short presentation. Snacks and beverages will be served. The event is free and brought to you by Deadwood History Inc


Friday 9/3

-5:30pm, ZUMBA returns to Explore Fitness & Adventures for the fall! Join Debbie each Wednesday and Friday at 5:30! Punch cards still honored from last year!


Saturday 9/4

-4-6PM Health & Wellness Open House at Explore Fitness and Adventures. Come enjoy light refreshments and take the opportunity to try their group classes like Yoga and Zumba and learn about personal training opportunities. See for more information.

-5:30, Free Community Dinner @ Lead Assembly of God Church, all welcome!


Sunday 9/5

-8AM & 1:30PM, Lead Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2nd Annual GOLD TOURNAMENT at the Lead Country Club. Get more info and register here (still more slots for teams!):

-9AM-11AM, Wake up and Worship with the LACC Church Members. Find a service on the Community Calendar at


Monday 9/6 – LABOR DAY!

Tuesday 9/7

-5PM, City Commission Meeting at City Hall

-7pm, Poker for Fun at Hangar 7 Lounge at Blackstone Lodge


Wednesday 9/8

-6PM Jailhouse Taps will be hosting Trivia Night!


________ Save the Dates

Thursday 9/9

-5pm, Deadwood History’s Big Thank You
-7-9pm,  “All Together Now!” Auditions at the Homestake Opera House and will continue at same time on Friday 9/10. This production is a musical review of all your favorite Broadway composers. Please bring 16-32 measure music piece with marked sheet. Headshot and resume are appreciated, but not required. Please sign up for an audition by visiting: Appointments are not required, but priority will be given to those with one. For more info, visit

Saturday 9/11

-Noon, Dedication of the new flag pole in front of the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center – a gift from the American Legion and Thyssen Mining

-All Day, Second Saturdays on Main Street, specials, sales and treats from the businesses in town!

-All Day, Memorial Mile, hosted by the Lead Volunteer Fire Department Memorial Mile. Please join us for a one mile memorial walking in remembrance of those who lost their lives September 11th 2001. Please call Christine at the Chamber at 605-584-3110 for more information.
-7pm, Scared Scriptless Improv Show at the Homestake Opera House

9/11-9/12, Northern Hills Recreation Association hosts the Hidden Valley Hare Scramble. More info here:

9/18 – OrthoPeak Run, Run up Terry Peak! Hosted by Monument Health! See more info on our website and

Thursday 9/23 – Sunday 9/26, Fall in Love with Lead! More details coming soon!

____ News & Notes

Did you know that the Homestake Opera House just released their info about Season Tickets? You can go to 15 shows for just $220 ($175 for seniors/military/students)! See more information on their fancy new website

With Love from Lead,
Sierra Ward

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