And Knowing Is Half The Battle!

Good Morning Friends!

The other day Christine and I were discussing work styles. Some of us like to sleep in (after a restless night) and come to work later and stay later. Some of us like to wake up slowly with a few hours to prepare for the day. Others like to pop out of bed, throw on clothes and get to work in the small hours of the morning to get a start on things before the crush of the work day is truly started. Others like to come into the office in the middle of the night when all is quiet and work then.

You might have spent part of your life wishing you were different, “Oh to be an early bird/night owl!” because we all seem to want what we aren’t. Is one really better than the other? Maybe the heart of that wish is to be more productive, or streamline our work or create better habits. The key to this quest is to really understand ourselves. What motivates us? (internal? external? etc.) When in the day do we feel most productive? Do we prefer visual calendars or schedules? Do we read better on a computer or on paper? Sometimes we don’t even take the time to consider these things. But once we understand ourselves, then we can start to build systems that accommodate our needs – not the needs of others or the needs we think we should be meeting.

How do you prefer to work? Don’t waste time beating yourself up for your failings, but instead know that once you understand yourself better you can plan, and prepare for yourself. You can make your tasks easier and run more smoothly and efficiently.


_____ Here’s what’s going on in Lead this week

Thursday 10/7

12pm – Preservation Thursday: Frances Perkins – A Powerful Influence. Social security, child labor laws, unemployment insurance, and WPA projects are all ideas put forth by Frances Perkins, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor, and the first woman to serve in a presidential cabinet. She was the principal architect of the New Deal, formulating policies to restore the national economy which helped to create the modern middle class. Perkins was in every way a self-made woman who rose from humble New England origins to become America’s leading advocate for industrial safety and worker’s rights. The presentation by South Dakota Humanities Council’s Speakers Bureau Scholar Phyllis Schrag will tell the Perkins story in a first-person encounter. This event will take place at the Homestake Adams Cultural Research Center and you are invited to bring your lunch. $5 for non members and free to members.

5-7pm –  Join the Lead Deadwood Arts Council for their show, “Residency in Recovery” to view Dorthy Snowden’s work she created during her residency that was inspired by Lead’s unique landscapes and wonderful history!


Friday 10/8

Today is Homecoming day for the Lead Deadwood Diggers! Early out at 1pm is followed by the parade through Deadwood starting at 2pm and Lead at 3pm. Football game is at 6pm at the field in Deadwood.

5:30pm – Zumba! With Debbie Minter @ Explore Fitness & Adventures

6pm – Paranormal Investigations begin at the Adams House Museum! See for more info and tickets.


Saturday 10/9

Monthly Second Saturdays on Main Street! Check out sales, treats, and vendors all along Main Street! The Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center will be open as well and have their off season vendor fair.


Sunday 10/10

Wake Up & Worship with our Lead churches!


____ Save the Dates

Saturday 10/16, 10am “Actor Training Workshop: Basics 101” for kids august 6-18 at the Homestake Opera House. More info [email protected]

Stay for the follow up workshop at 1pm “Actor Training Workshop: How to Yell” for ages 12+. Cost is $5 for each class.

Looking for more awesome shows and events? Don’t miss the Homestake Opera Houses’s upcoming schedule of awesome events!

Vendor Fair @ Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center is back for the off season! Come down on the 10/16 for unique and fun vendors starting at 9:30am.


____ News & Notes

Terry Peak is selling their deep discounted season passes this month! Don’t miss out!! Visit their website to purchase and for more info.

Rustic Nook Bakery was overwhelmed with the love and support you all showed them on their opening day last Friday! They are adjusting their hours again so plan for Wednesday-Saturdays from 8am-2pm. They’re looking forward to seeing you again this weekend and taking custom orders and catering requests!

We’re sending out the sponsorship letters for 2022! If you’d like more information please call us (605)584-3110 and we’ll send you the packet!

With Love from Lead,
Sierra Ward

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