GCJ Parade FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 2019

Where can I get a parade registration form?


You can either drop it off at Lead Area Chamber of Commerce, or bring it with you to the line-up where someone will make sure they have your paperwork.

Where does the parade line up?

At the parking lot of the Deadwood Welcome Center DAYS OF ’76 Rodeo Grounds! (please note new location) 2pm, for a 3pm departure time!

What is the registration cost?


Do we have to apply to be in the parade?

No, and we accept political floats. However, the parade organizers reserve right of refusal if they deem a float inappropriate.

What is the parade route?

Starting at the Days of ’76 Rodeo Grounds, the parade goes up Main Street in Deadwood, it leaves town and then goes up 14A, cutting into Central City’s Main Street. Then it goes up to Lead, reassembles behind the highschool and goes down Baltimore Street and down Main Street in Lead, ending at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitors Center. See Map details. This parade route is long, and if you are walking it is advisable to have a car in the parade with you to ride in between Deadwood and Central City and Central City and Lead.

Parade Overview

Deadwood detail

Central City detail


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