Hello October!

Hi Lead!

Well it is that time of year again!!! By this I mean “Pine Needle Battle Season” In many areas of the country, including Lead, it is the time of year to start raking up fallen leaves. However in my yard I have less lovely fall leaves and much more spiky sharp pine needles. I rake for hours every spring and fall and gather them in those Jack O Lantern Halloween bags to display outside my front yard. However, those buggers are sharp! They manage to find a way to poke me through my best leather gardening gloves, scratch my legs as I lug the bags around, and overall are a pain in the rear end! Of course this is a small sacrifice to pay for getting to live in the Black Hills National Forest and I love my pine trees. So I willingly fight the battle every year in order to keep from drowning in all the needles. If you see me in the next month and it looks like I got in a fight with an alley cat you can assume the pine needles are winning! If anyone has any easier ways to stay ahead of the “Pine Needle Battle Season” let me know. You can find me in my yard cursing underneath my breath as I rake. I welcome helpers and suggestions!


_____ Here’s what happening in Lead this week

Friday 10/1

10am-4pm Rustic Nook Bakery will have their first soft opening day at the location on Main Street! If you want to grab a treat we suggest going early as interest is high!

5:30pm Zumba class with Debbie at Explore Fitness and Adventures! Come exercise and have fun with this nationally acclaimed dance fitness program.


Saturday 10/2

5pm Monthly Free Community Dinner at Lead Assembly of God. All are welcome to come and eat or even take food home.

7pm Black Hills Opry is back at the Homestake Opera House! Join Dion Pride (son of Charlie Pride) and a host of other favorites to hear country’s finest songs. For tickets go to the Opera House’s website or Facebook.


Sunday 10/3

Wake up and Worship with the Lead Area Chamber of Commerce Churches

11:30 AM Octoberfest sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Church at St. Patrick’s Church on Siever Street.


Monday 10/4

5pm – City Commission Meeting at City Hall


Wednesday 10/6

5:30pm Zumba! At Explore Fitness & Adventures!


Thursday 10/7

12noon – Preservation Thursday at The Homestake Adams Research & Cultural Center. This month’s presentation: Frances Perkins – A Powerful Influence – Social security, child labor laws, unemployment insurance, and WPA projects are all ideas put forth by Frances Perkins, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor, and the first woman to serve in a presidential cabinet.  She was the principal architect of the New Deal, formulating policies to restore the national economy which helped to create the modern middle class.  Perkins was in every way a self-made woman who rose from humble New England origins to become America’s leading advocate for industrial safety and worker’s rights. The presentation by South Dakota Humanities Council’s Speakers Bureau Scholar Phyllis Schrag will tell the Perkins story in a first-person encounter.

____ News & Notes

Did you know that Rustic Nook Bakery has recently added catering to their list of offerings? If you are having a party or event and want to check out one of the best cooks we know, call Leigha (605)920-9898

A big congratulations to The Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center for receiving the Black Hills Energy STEAM grant for the second year in a row! Look for more exciting STEAM programming coming in 2022!

Paranormal Investigations will happen at various times in October at the Adams House Museum. Check out all the details, ticket info and times at www.DeadwoodHistory.com

Haunted Tour of the Broken Boot Mine will happen on October 29 – more info to follow.


Questions? Comments? Let me know how I can help!

With Love from Lead,
Sierra Ward

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