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Good Morning!

When Benjamin Franklin was out flying his kite in a thunderstorm almost 300 years ago, people thought he was a weirdo for studying electricity. Afterall, what use could it EVER have? Life was JUST fine the way things were, people couldn’t even dream of a future where electricity would matter.

How crazy to think that we still fundamentally feel the same way. Here we are living in one of the most famous world centers of nobel prize winning neutrino research and not only do we not bat an eye, we also can’t even conceive of why it would matter. (Maybe even a few of you said, “Huh? Lead? Neutrinos? What is this girl on about?!”) Yes, LEAD! We go on about our regular lives and don’t pay much attention to the earth shattering stuff going on below us. But somebody has to study all this stuff (electricity, maths, neutrinos etc.) before we can ever come up with applications! And in another 300 years they’ll look back on us “country bumpkins” in 2020 for being so backwards.

It can be a little overwhelming – ideas still so new that none of us really even know how to vaguely talk about them. But think, once upon a time the idea of a round Earth and (not even THAT long ago) the idea that people should wash microscopic bugs off their hands felt like ideas too new to  grasp well enough to talk about without being laughed into the street.

Neutrino Day this year is a virtual week ( that’s continuing through the end of this week, so tune in to see all that’s going on as part of the lab program and learn more about all that’s happening in Lead! You can also play visitor in your own backyard and come visit us at the Visitor Center in Lead –  we’d be happy to give you our new free indoor tour! We are a stand alone organization and depend on you coming to visit us to keep our doors open.

_____ Here’s some things to do this week in Lead _____

If you have kids and need something for them to do, come visit our splash pad in Manuel Brother’s park – yes, it’s open!!

Enjoy the Mickelson Trail! There’s a parking lot and registration place at Walter Green Park on Hearst Avenue. It’s a 0.8 mile walk (almost half shaded) to the main trail.

Have you ever taken a walk in West Lead Cemetery? There are some truly beautiful gravestones and memorials. I always find it very peaceful and moving to remember all the people that worked so hard to make Lead awesome.

Visit our newest microbrewery, Jailhouse Taps under the Town Hall Inn! They’re still in soft opening as they continue to work on the space – but somehow that makes it even more fun!

Have you been in Lynn’s Dakotamart since it’s remodel? I don’t like to brag (lie) but it’s kind of turning into a fancy boutique grocery store… I’m always surprised and delighted by the super specialty things they carry. If you don’t live in Lead you might want to stop by and see all the fancy stuff we have – especially the vegetarian and vegan options.

Did you know that you can loan audio books and other digital downloads from the Phoebe Hearst Library via your library card and an app on your phone? It’s so slick! If you call up our friendly librarians they’ll help you get set up, or get you some curbside pickup of books a few days a week! Summer reading here we come!!

Have you walked down Main Street and gotten ice cream cones at Big Trout Deli yet? Then you can take a gander at the rest of the shops along Main Street. I’m so happy to see that the COVID-19 didn’t seem to dampen our entrepreneurial spirit too much and we’re still hard at work starting and opening new businesses all the time!

The Black Hills Mining Museum has restarted their simulated underground guided mining tours! If you have never taken this before it’s so fun! Be sure to take your company next time they’re visiting. They are implementing some precautions including only taking family groups so you might have to wait, but they are HIGHLY recommended even if you’re not a huge mining nerd.

There is so much to do and see in Lead, if you live here there’s a lot of fun things to do even if you’re staying away from people. And if you don’t live here, then we invite you to come hang out with us this weekend! Hope to see you around soon!!

____Save the Date for these upcoming events____
Our July Pie Social on the Davis Ring Patio next to the Visitor Center! Thursday 7/16 from 5-7pm. Pie, refreshments, beer, wine, and music by Chris Husienge! This event is FREE and the pie is free until we run out! Want to bake pie for us? Let me know!

The Opera House is holding auditions for Guys and Dolls on Friday 7/17 in the evening! More details on Facebook and in next week’s email!

We’re having our public planning meeting for Gold Camp Jubilee on Wednesday 7/22 at 2pm at the Visitor Center. If you’d like to call in insead of attend in person just let us know and we’ll add you to the conference call. We’re hard at work to make it a blow out celebration to beat all celebrations as we remember our awesome mining heritage!

Have other ideas for fun summer things to do in Lead? Let me know! Have an event coming up? Just want to say hi? Reply right here! I so enjoy hearing from each of you!

With love from Lead,
Sierra Ward

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