Light Up Lead

Christmas Light Decorating Contest

Thanks to ACE Hardware, our 2020 Light Up Lead Sponsor

Other supporters: 2020 Annual sponsors: The City of Lead, Black Hills Energy, Lynn’s Dakotamart, Coeur Wharf, Homestake Mining Company, VFW #5969, First National Bank, First Interstate Bank, Monument Health, Ainsworth Benning, Deadwood-Lead Economic Development and Interstate Engineering.

Come Visit LEAD’s winter wonderland!

Light up Lead Winners

Judging took place with a panel of 7 judges.  Judges did not have access to participants names, only their addresses.  Participants were judged based on the following criteria on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best); Brightness, Festivity, Creativity, Neatness, & Overall.

1st Place $750:  Orion Nold @ 114 May #A

2nd Place $250: Ralph & Glennis Palmer @ 213 Deer Path

3rd Place Prize Basket: 202 Glendale Dr.

Thank you you all who participated.  Please continue to drive around and look at lights for the remainder of the Holiday Season.  We’ve arranged the following participant addresses in logical order – or you can follow our two Google maps (we couldn’t fit all of these into one map so please start with part 1 and continue on part 2).

Map part 1

Map part 2

NA 202 Glendale Dr (HWY 14A)
Can be viewed from the First National Bank parking lot
Ralph & Glennis Palmer 213 Deer Path
Cindy Allen 235 South Main St
Bridget Poff 226 Arlington St
Christine Allen 314 Richmond St
Jeff & Joeylynn Carns 107 West Mcclellan
*Best view from gold street*
Joel, Jagger, & Kristie Livengood 508 Crown St.
Eric & Davida Hansen 123 Billings Ave
Rob Schlimgen 121 Wall St.
Joanna Berg 111 South Galena St
Lana & Others Gravatt 509 McQuillan St
NA 711 Upper Addie St
Orion Nold 114 May #A
Rose & Rick Burns 3 South Main

Contest Status: Judged & Prizes awarded.

Remember to keep your lights on 12/1 – 12/31!


Other cool streets to drive  – Hearst Ave, Washington St., Sunset Rd., Terraville Ave.


If you missed out on registration check back in 2021 when we’ll open this contest again with registration happening 11/1 – Black Friday!