Light Up Lead

Christmas Light Decorating Contest

Thanks to ACE Hardware, our 2020 Light Up Lead Sponsor

Other supporters: 2020 Annual sponsors: The City of Lead, Black Hills Energy, Lynn’s Dakotamart, Coeur Wharf, Homestake Mining Company, VFW #5969, First National Bank, First Interstate Bank, Monument Health, Ainsworth Benning, Deadwood-Lead Economic Development and Interstate Engineering.

Come Visit LEAD’s winter wonderland!

Light up Lead Winners

Judging took place with a panel of 7 judges.  Judges did not have access to participants names, only their addresses.  Participants were judged based on the following criteria on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best); Brightness, Festivity, Creativity, Neatness, & Overall.

1st Place $750:  Orion Nold @ 114 May #A

2nd Place $250: Ralph & Glennis Palmer @ 213 Deer Path

3rd Place Prize Basket: 202 Glendale Dr.

Thank you you all who participated. Enjoy a drive around to look at lights for the remainder of the Holiday Season. We’ve arranged the following participant addresses in logical order – or you can follow our two Google maps (we couldn’t fit all of these into one map so please start with part 1 and continue on part 2).

Map part 1

Map part 2

NA 202 Glendale Dr (HWY 14A)
Can be viewed from the First National Bank parking lot
Ralph & Glennis Palmer 213 Deer Path
Cindy Allen 235 South Main St
Bridget Poff 226 Arlington St
Christine Allen 314 Richmond St
Jeff & Joeylynn Carns 107 West Mcclellan
*Best view from gold street*
Joel, Jagger, & Kristie Livengood 508 Crown St.
Eric & Davida Hansen 123 Billings Ave
Rob Schlimgen 121 Wall St.
Joanna Berg 111 South Galena St
Lana & Others Gravatt 509 McQuillan St
NA 711 Upper Addie St
Orion Nold 114 May #A
Rose & Rick Burns 3 South Main

Contest Status: Judged & Prizes awarded.

Remember to keep your lights on 12/1 – 12/31!


Other cool streets to drive  – Hearst Ave, Deer Path, Washington St., Sunset Rd., Terraville Ave.


If you missed out on registration check back in 2021 when we’ll open this contest again with registration starting 11/1 and ending on Black Friday!