How are you Doing? No, Really…

Good Thursday! I read about a study a few years ago that loneliness was more dangerous for your health than smoking 15 cigarettes a day. (See one write up about this study here: It’s more dangerous for your health than your weight (which we all know is not really great – here’s looking at you … Continue reading How are you Doing? No, Really…

More Sunshine in the Morning

Good Morning!! This weekend marks one of my favorite events of the year! (rrrrrrrggggggg…… if you guessed Halloween, you’re wrong!) No, it’s Daylight Savings Time! DST gets such a bad rap, and I might be one of the last people in the whole country who remains a fan! I love the longer summer evenings to spend … Continue reading More Sunshine in the Morning

All The Scuttlebutt

Good Morning! Today I thought I’d include my column from our October print newsletter for those of you who don’t receive that. A Letter To Our Members      There is some scuttlebutt that we are competing with our member businesses by operating the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center gift shop. You are our town’s champions and we … Continue reading All The Scuttlebutt

Killing Sacred Cows

Howdy! I recently started listening to The Joy of Membership’s new podcast. Joy writes great emails so I gave her podcast a shot. The episode about Sacred Cows with Stephan Meyer is particularly interesting! Check out the whole show here: In a nutshell Stephan Meyer is a German guy who studies radical change. After business … Continue reading Killing Sacred Cows