At Least You’re not Sleeping on a Rope

Good Morning!

Like so many of you, we’ve been watching a LOT of Netflix and Prime in our empty evenings. We’re kind of on a history kick and stumbled across Victorian Slum House on Prime from PBS. The premise of the show is that several families agree to live like they did in the Victorian era, nearly destitute in a recreated slum in London’s East End. Each week they live by the standards of one decade of the Victorian period. We still haven’t finished it yet (trying to not binge it too quickly) but wow, it has really helped me put things into perspective. Times are hard and scary and many people are losing their jobs and scared about the future. There are times when I feel down right panicky about it. But… we aren’t even close to living as near the dark pit of filth and death as some of our ancestors! Just Google “Doss house hangover sleeping” and you will quickly find yourself feeling shocked and amazingly grateful for the most simple of comforts.


Here’s some notes from around Lead:

Today, Thursday, 3/26 @ 9am: The Small Business Administration is offering some relief to businesses and non-profits hit by this crisis. If you would like some more information (because undoubtedly you have lots of questions) you can get more info here, and register for the webcast here.

The Historic Homestake Opera House has canceled the play for this coming weekend. We look forward to future shows by the Gold Camp Players, and send our best to the thespians who were caught in this meelee.

As of now all other events have been canceled, please let us know how you are accommodating, we are happy to continue to publicize your business and efforts.

Board Member applications have closed. We had two open spots, and we had two applicants which means there will be no voting. Please welcome to our 2020 board for three year terms, Moses Ward (reapplied after filling in a one year empty term in 2019) and Kim Huber from Coeur Wharf Mine. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to those going off our board: Anne Rogers-Popejoy, Karen Kean and Carol Oolman. We hope to thank them in person at our Annual Banquet on May 21st.

We’re extending our Annual Award voting through the end of April, if you haven’t done so please vote here:
Remember, you need to be a member to vote and each membership gets one vote (1 from each business member, and 1 from each couple/family membership)

Also Danny’s Plumbing Service would like to remind you: DON’T FLUSH ANYTHING BUT TOILET PAPER DOWN THE TOILET! Not so called “flushable wipes” or feminine products or clothes or anything that falls accidentally into the toilet. A friend of mine who works down at the sanitary district told me that they’re finding blue shop rags and cut up t-shirts in the sewage. Lead has a very old and very fragile sewage system in most places. Closer to home you might damage just your own pipes and have to call a plumber to come clear it out. There are several stores in town that still have toilet paper, including Twin City Hardware.

And if you’re taking care of your health your immune system is stronger! Be sure to stop at Delzer Chiropractic if you have anything that he can help you with! Justin is open and accepts most insurances! Grab an appointment today! (605)571-1700

Leigha and I have been hard at work completely the April newsletter this week! We’ll send it out tomorrow so if you’re a member you should be getting it Friday. There obviously isn’t tons of news going on so we tried to make it more entertaining, we hope you enjoy it! Not a member? You can still read it on our website.

As always, if there’s anything we can do to help please let us know!
Warmy from a socially safe distance,


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