The Worst of Times, the Best of Times

Good Morning, Lead!

What a breathtakingly beautiful morning it is!! I have some news so wanted to pester you for the third time this week. Hope you don’t mind! 🙂

First the bad news:
The Kiwanis Fish Fry dinner scheduled for April 3rd has been canceled. Bummer.
Terry Peak is closed effective immediately. Huge bummer.

Now the good news!
The Chamber has created a stimulus plan for our small businesses. Leigha and I hope that it will have some positive impact for you during this time. Please check it out here: We’re pretty excited about it, and are committed to doing everything we can to help bolster us all through this hard time. Thanks to Carol Oolman at Miners and Merchants Trading Post for passing along a similar idea from another chamber. And thank you to all our generous sponsors this year for helping us make this a possibility!

The Deadwood Chamber has been organizing meals/food and they have had an outpouring of generosity and now have too much food to give away! If you are finding yourself without employment or in some other hardship please take advantage of this! You can drive up to the Deadwood Welcome Center and they will bring you out a sack meal (breakfast from 8-9am and lunch from 12-1pm). If you can’t leave your house you can call them and they will coordinate with the police for drop off. They have more food than they can distribute so don’t feel bad about taking advantage of this offer!

These are tough times, but it’s a beautiful thing to see the community come together to support and care for each other!

I wish you love,

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