Drrrrenched in Scent!

Good Morning & Happy Thursday!

This last week I saw an app for observing the 72 seasons from ancient Japanese lore. (They come up with the most random things to make apps for). It was about noticing how time goes past not in the handy dandy four seasons but really changes about every 3-5 days.

We don’t really live connected to the weather or the earth like we once did (THANK GOODNESS! because I for one love a hot shower, a soft bed, and the perennial problem of having far too much to eat) BUT it can also mean that we stop noticing the seasons passing. When you really stop and notice the seasons do change every few days. Each week brings a new change even in small degrees. The lilacs are past now, which makes me sad – but that one week where the yard is drenched is truly magical partly because it’s so short! Now the poppies are blooming in a neighbors unkempt yard and the warmer days have us listening to people talking on the far side of town in the middle of the night as the mountains carry sound in such a unique way.

Summer is so fleeting here – be sure to soak it up and drink it in, don’t let any of this time go to waste. And that’s true of your whole life. It’s going by minute by minute and it’s amazing!

__________Here’s what’s happening in Lead this week_________

Friday, June 12, 9am-5pm Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center is reopening! We’re putting together our plans and making sure our staff and guests feel comfortable coming back. We’re looking forward to telling the story of Lead and publicizing all there is to do and see in Lead to our guests!!

Saturday & Sunday, June 13-14 Mud Days – Northern Hills Recreation Association is having their annual celebration at Recreational Springs Resort this weekend! Find more information on their website www.NorthernHillsRec.org or Facebook.

Chamber Mixer – Thursday, June 18 5-7pm @ Davis Ring Patio! The Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center will be turning 5 years old! We wanted to have a huge party but… that’s kind of out of the cards so we’ll be doing something simpler outside. Come join us!

Upcoming Fun:

Total Archery Challenge – will be at Terry Peak June 26-28. We are going to be up there representing our Chamber Members at registration!! We’d love to put together a coupon sheet for the thousands of people that attend this event, if you’re interested please contact us so we can include your coupon or offer! https://totalarcherychallenge.com/events/terry-peak-sd/

Neutrino Day (week!) July 6-11– This year Neutrino Day is going virtual, but that also means more fun! Check out the schedule of events and all the details here: https://www.neutrinoday.com/

News & Notes:

Clothe-A-Kid helps kids get new school clothes. Students in grades K-12 will be provided with a time to shop at Walmart on August 19 or 20. If you’re interested in this program you can register your kids at www.clotheakid.org until 7/7 or you can stop by the Christian Ministries Center between noon and 6pm on 7/7. Contact Sue Holloway if you have any more questions 920-7788. This is a community service provided by the Trinity United Methodist Church.

We want to say thank you again to all our Feeding Lead sponsors! Couer Wharf, Homestake Mining Company, Sanford Underground Research Facility, Black Hills Titles, and various individuals as well. It was so generous of you all to help us out with that program. We saw a steady decline in numbers, which we feel is a positive thing! We don’t have the resources to continue now that we’re reopening so we gave the $365 left over to Deadwood Chamber’s Feeding program to help as they continue to work with Feeding SD to distribute food to our communities.

And speaking of the Deadwood Chamber, they are working to put together a 4th of July parade. If you’d like to participate check out their website or call 578-1876 for more information.

What are some things you’re noticing about summer this week? I hope you’re having a great one so far!!

Sierra Ward

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