Almost time for pie? 😋


One of my favorite things about living in a place with such a dastardly winter is the sheer anticipation that everyone has for summer. This is not some namby pamby place with good weather year ’round. No, we wait perched on the edge of our seat with baited breath RABID for warmer weather. And when it’s almost within reach (not yet, don’t get your hopes up) we almost can’t contain our excitement! Savor this feeling, it’s truly wonderful!

Guess what day it is! It’s our first pie social!! Today at 3pm at Manuel Brother’s Park. It’s our first time so I had no idea how many pies to procure so if you’re interested let me suggest coming early. We’re trying a new thing out, cause who doesn’t love pie. Every Thursday afternoon through the end of August.

If you are in the Golden Gang who roams about Lead doing works of volunteerism then please note that the monthly newsletter folding has been switched to Friday morning at 10:30am instead of today due to a funeral.

The flower planting around town with Lead Beautification will be happening next Thursday and Friday starting at 9am. They’re a little behind schedule this year due to the weather so they asked to send a special request for extra help! Meet at Manuel Brother’s Park to divide the flower trays and go to different spots around town. If you have gloves and a gardening trowel please bring.

Save the date for next Friday evening at 5pm for the Ribbon Cutting / Grand Opening of Miner’s Tin Cup on Main St. (Next to the Historic Town Hall Inn). Come support this new business on Main St.

Happy almost JUNE!!
Hope to see you in a bit for some pie!

Sierra Ward

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