Only the Toughest Live in Lead

Happy Thursday!

We’re happiest when we’re grateful, so I’ve been focusing on how this late snow dump of almost two feet will make it basically a guaranteed fact that we’ll have campfires and fireworks and all of the dangerous and wonderful summer fire based activities!

Here’s what’s happening in our great town coming up!

It looks like a quiet Memorial Day weekend here in Lead. One of my friends said, “Well, duh the weather’s bad, it’s Memorial Day weekend…” Only the tough can stick around Lead, so pat yourselves on the back!

Speaking of campfires and fireworks… what’s your favorite summer memory in the hills? Do you remember two summers ago when it was unbearably hot? My family and I went swimming in Pactola and it was so hot and the water so warm (memorable since usually its teeth-chatteringly cold) that we sat on the rocks against the dam for over and hour in the clear teal water. It will always be up there with my favorite summer memories. What are yours? I’d love to think about warmer times!

Hope to see you tonight at the mixer!

Warm thoughts,

Sierra Ward

P.S. If you are in the market for moving boxes Amy (pronounced ah-mi like the end of Miami) and Dennis from Miners’ Tin Cup have a bunch of them all flat and ready for pickup.

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