Are we Cozy Yet

Good Snowy Day!

Last week I wrote about snow! HA! Should have saved my words for this week! I think we had the biggest single dump of the whole winter on Tuesday with almost 30″ in Lead! And last night another 6-8″ just to top it all off! There’s hardly anywhere left to pile it all. The really crazy thing is that all that snow we had in October never went away, so people have snow banks around their driveways of about eight feet tall with nowhere left to snow blow the snow except wind rowing it down the drive.

I mistakenly decided not to have my snow removal crew at the Visitor Center remove all the snow from the deck one day last October because I figured it’d melt and we’d save some moolah on removal. Oops, let this be a lesson to you, ALWAYS remove the snow from places you don’t want it in June. Otherwise you might just have built yourself a glacier – which is now turning into it’s own snow fence and threatens to block our entire view of the open cut from the patio – here’s to an early hot spring!

I find the deep snow incredibly cozy. I’m lucky because that kind husband of mine does all our snow shoveling which also helps keep my spirits high about it. But I like the way it hems everything in and blankets us all down. We might just break records this winter for most snow as we’re well over our average 200″!


Here’s the fun to have in Lead this week:

Friday, 2/28
12-6pm – Miners’ Tin Cup Guest Artist – Phelan Scherer. Miner’s Tin Cup will host Phelan Scherer as a guest artists. (Not the normal) Studio Artist Statement:
Nude Photography and Digital Art
“Presented is a collection of eight photographs on the female form from multiple
projects spanning the last seven years. Included is work produced as part of the
photography program at the Art Institute of San Antonio on the female form in
modern photography as well as recent projects completed in Lead, S.D. Projects
include abstract nude forms, contemporary fine art fetish photos, and recent
work of the nude abstracted with multi-color paint.
The abstracted nude photography project was started as a study of the nude form
in contemporary art. The project seeks to explore abstracting the form through
various methods to produce art that creates the emotional response of a nude
photo while being accepted by modern censorship. The original thesis produced
at the Art Institute explored the difference of censorship between violence and
nudity in America. In the internet age, we have grown to censor the nude form
more and more as accessibility becomes easier. The project seeks to push the
boundaries of modern censorship and create emotionally compelling art works. A
combination of professional and armature models as well a volunteers were used
to present women of all shapes and sizes to celebrate all forms of beauty. The
works are deliberately cropped and edited to display bodies without identification
to focus on the form and not the person.”
5:30 – Family Skate Night at the Handley
7pm – Trivia @ Lewie’s Saloon & Eatery (I went last week and it was so fun!!)

Monday, March 2
5pm – City Commission Meeting @ City Hall

Tuesday, March 3
6:30pm – Free Poker @ Blackstone Lodge – Hangar 7 Lounge (Did you see they have food now? Check it out!)

Wednesday, March 4
7pm – The Rod & Gun Club Meeting, all welcome to attend

Hope you have a great weekend, the weather looks warm again so hopefully your ice dams all melt!!


P.S. The Annual Banquet is going to be even better than last year so buy your tickets soon!

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