Eavesdropping Little Snoop

Greetings and Salutations!

The other day I was eating in Spearfish (have you tried Antunez?) and as my family and I were quietly satisfying our starving stomachs we couldn’t help but overhear the table next to us.

“Have you been up to Lead lately? It’s really coming into its own! There is so much happening and going on on Main Street! You should really go check it out.”

People say this fairly frequently to my face, but to over hear a compliment about our great town (from outsiders) that no one was politely making to me directly, almost made me jump out of my seat and hug them. My mom silently screamed “YES!” to me and we both did a seat jig.

It’s not a quick deal to make commerce and business thrive, but we’re doing it – YOU’RE doing it! Whether you started a business, run a business, patron a business, or come up to Lead to check it out – we thank you! And tell your friends about Lead, bad news travels fast, but good news changes the world.

Here’s what happening this week:

Thursday, 9/12
Open Auditions for the children’s play start tonight at 6-6:30pm at the Historic Homestake Opera House (entrance on back via Julius Street). Can’t go tonight? Come on Sunday afternoon from 3-5pm. This play looks like so much fun!

Friday, 9/13
8am-5pm – Lynn’s Dakotamart (Lead only) is having their annual Hatch Chili roasting event! Buy them by the pound and get them roasted right there! Recipes, samples and ideas along with Dakota Shivers Brewing’s own Hatch Chili Beer samples (starting at 11ish).

5-7pm – The Lead/Deadwood Arts Center is hosting a Traditional Hooked Rug Exhibit. Refreshments will be served.

5:30-7:30pm – The Handley Recreation Center is back on their winter schedule of Family Skate Nights every Friday evening. $5 includes entrance and rental. All ages. Also if you’d like to volunteer to help I’m sure they’d letcha. Adult skate nights are in the works so stay tuned for that.

Saturday, 9/14
7am – The Northern Hills Recreation Association is hosting their annual Terry Peak Summit 5k. This might be the toughest 5k in the Hills (just sayin’). Registration starts at 7am at Recreational Springs Resort (did you know they serve breakfast?), a bus will take participants to the foot of the hill at 9am for the start. Talk about elevation training!

Monday, 9/16
5pm – City Commission Meeting

Tuesday, 9/17
6:30pm – Free Poker @ Blackstone Lodge & Suites

Wednesday, 9/18
7pm – St. Patrick’s Catholic Church is hosting a Returning Catholics program. If you are interested in getting back into the swing of things this a great time to jump in. This is a several week program that will be on following Thursdays (see our events calendar for all dates).

Thursday, 9/19
12pm – Preservation Thursdays: A friendship of the West: Seth Bullock and Teddy Roosevelt. Meets at the Homestake Adams Cultural Research Center in Deadwood. By donation.

5-7pm – September’s Chamber Mixer. This month it’s hosted by Maya Jo’s Bed and Breakfast (and the food is breakfast themed – which I love!) and JK Bros Hauling and Snow Removal. Come hang out with us!

More cool stuff coming up: https://business.leadmethere.org/events/calendar/?_ga=2.225006810.1991355751.1568124833-920858976.1553787901

In other news:
Please help me welcome Nellie Enderby to our membership! Nellie is a brand new real estate agent with Christian’s Team: Keller Williams in Spearfish. Will you help her sell her first house ever?! Call her if you’re interested or in the market to buy/sell! (605) 645-7473

Also new to our membership is CREMS Development LLC, the company behind the recent new (fancy tile) roof and continuing remodel of the Central School Building. Please say hello and stay tuned for their Ribbon Cutting – coming soon!

Please join me in welcoming back Winter’s Fat Classic LLC, the organizers of the annual fat tire bike race that will be happening this year over Winterfest on Saturday night February 1st. We’re super excited about Winterfest this year!

Thank you to everyone who reads these emails, my aim to make them feel personal, because if I could write to you each individually each week – believe me I would! I love to hear your thoughts and ideas, and I love to hear that you take time out of your busy Thursday to read these – it really makes my day!

I hope you are having a wonderful September and getting back into a pleasant and comfortable routine.

Sierra Ward

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