Sunny Days Ahead!

Good Morning!

I’ve been so proud of our communities. The Deadwood Chamber stepped up right away and started a food program. They have helped support many people in Lead and I feel so grateful to our sister city for their initiative. We will be rolling out a food distribution program tomorrow (Friday 4/24) from the Visitor Center. We feel so lucky to have the financial support of Coeur WharfFeeding South Dakota and Black Hills Title to help with this project.

If you need a box (which is supplemental food for a household) we’re happy to provide you with one. We aren’t asking for registrations or qualifications (we do need to report how many individuals are in your household). If you think some extra would be helpful or your family please come. We also know that this can be a challenging time as you continue to entertain your kids while at home, so with the help of our partners we’ve also been able to buy toys and other kids activities. We’re asking families to pick up one box (either from Lead or Deadwood) per week. You can pick up extra to deliver to another family or if you have a particularly large family.

We’ll be handing out boxes from 9am-noon on Friday. Please drive up and let us know how many seniors, adults and children are in your household and how many boxes you’d like. If you are unable to come we have a limited amount of deliveries we can make.

If you have questions you can call us at 584-1100.

_______Notes from around town____

We’ve got the May newsletter done and we’ll be sending it out tomorrow!! I always feel happy when another issue gets out the door (because mostly I’m always shocked that another month has gone by already)!

Stampmill is going to be back in business for curbside pick up on Friday, May 1st! We’re so excited to have them back! Going through a little economic crisis never stopped us from doing business! #LeadTough

Sarah’s Hair Salon is also planning to reopen on Monday, May 5th. You might want to call and get on her schedule ASAP!

Side note: I had a business owner tell me they were afraid to open for fear of being run out of town on a rail. This is an uncertain time. It is sometimes tempting for us to expect people to do what we think is best. I hope we can find it in ourselves to support our fledgling businesses regardless of what we ourselves are comfortable doing.

Black Hills Pioneer is offering some specials on advertising right now including offering a trade of gift cards for ads (good if you’re finding your business a bit pinched for marketing cash). Call Sharon for all the details 605-641-8636.

Has anybody planned a trash pick up day/weekend for Lead yet? As the snow continues to melt and expose all the nasties that got trapped, I think it’s time. Let me know if you have/want help/want me to! With almost nothing on the schedule it should be easy to find time to make this happen. Yes we can all do this independently but somehow it seems more fun to do on a day when everybody is on a joint effort! Let’s make this happen!

Stay strong, stay tough and go get some sunshine – it helps!

With so much love,
Sierra Ward

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