How Much Do You Love Lead?

Happy Thursday!

I was having dinner with some friends the other day and after hearing about 3% of my life story they said, “After all that, why did you ever pick crusty old Lead?” Why DIDN’T I pick Lead? Besides my long family connection to this place I do kind of have an almost irrational love for it. I’d always pick the mountains over the beach, I love old houses, the smell of the Black Hills on a hot day and best of all winter (except when it lasts all summer). I love that Lead seems timeless, the people aren’t clannish and we’re as far from snobby as you can get. I love that the city hangs flower baskets all over town and the ladies plant all the public flower beds. I love walking around town and the views that almost break your heart they’re so beautiful! My mom once told some visiting friends to watch out because if they talked to me long enough I’d convince them to move here. If you don’t already love Lead I’m going to be hard at work on you next 🙂

Lead’s best festival – Gold Camp Jubilee is coming up in just a few weeks! Check out the schedule of events here: We’re still updating a few things so check back often!

There are still tickets for the VIP Fireworks Viewing Party. Note: You don’t need to get tickets to this party to view the fireworks – which are free for all, and there are lots of great places in town to view them – this is just a really fun event.

Here’s what’s happening this week in Lead:

Today, Thursday 6/13 – 3pm, Pie Social in Manuel Brother’s Park. These have been really nice. If you need a break from work, or just an afternoon diversion come on down. If you play an instrument bring it! We had so much fun playing last week.

Friday, 6/14 – 5:30pm, Cookout on the Deck of the Visitor Center with Gordy Pratt, catered by Cheyenne Crossing. Tickets are $30 and there are still a few available. Call Donna at 584-3110 to reserve.

Saturday, 6/15 – 7am-3pm, The Lead Volunteer Fire Department Community Garage Sale at the fire house. The fire department will be selling lunch for $5. Come support this fundraiser.

Saturday 6/15 – 5pm, Shepherd of the Hills is having church in the park. Potluck supper at 5pm and service at 6pm. All are invited to Manuel Brother’s Park.

Monday 6/17 – 6pm, Monday Madness Summer Rec Leagues hosted by the Handley Recreation Center in Manuel Brothers Park. Join them each week in June and July for a different sport. All ages welcome. $5 for non members and free for members. ALSO: Did you see their new deal that you can share rec center memberships with Deadwood for just an extra $10? A pretty sweet deal!

Wednesday 6/19 – 4-7pm, Open House for West Main Antiques. Come hang out with us and see all the cool stuff at West Main Antiques! Refreshments and prizes.

And that’s all folks, until next week! Hope to see you around soon in Lead! What is your favorite thing about Lead? I’d love to hear it!! Reply right here. Or call me! 584-1100

Remain relentlessly positive!
Sierra Ward

P.S. I’m still looking for my unicorn! Know of anyone that would be a great assistant director? Send them my way!!

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