Happy Beautiful Day

Happy Thursday!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been sitting in on the city budget meetings. It’s not nearly as dry as you’d think, but maybe that’s because I find spending money and how we spend money sort of fascinating. While the Chamber is not a city/government entity, the city is one of our biggest sponsors and it’s always good to see (even from a random citizen’s perspective) the state of the union.

The state of the union is good. One of the highlights of these budget talks is seeing how much sales tax has grown in the past few years – with the trend on a decidedly upward projection! There was obviously lots of discussion about how and why this has been happening but the general consensus is that the outlook in Lead is super optimistic. Stuff is happening! More businesses have cropped up, more industry is happening and in the general tone and vibe is one of busy production. There was even mention of a beer bet that 2019 would end on the highest note yet. I’m confident the trend will continue!

Thanks to everyone who spends money here, works here and reinvests in Lead in all the ways and shapes and forms that you do. The future is bright!

Here’s what’s going on this week!

Today, Thursday 8/22
7:15am – Men’s Breakfast @ Shepherd of the Hills Church. Go enjoy great fellowship and fantastic breakfast with the Lutheran Men. Pastor Will leads a devotional.

3pm – Pie Social! This week my aunt, Cathy Enderby is donating the homemade pie.
Only two weeks left! Come visit! Manuel Brother’s Park at 3pm.

Saturday 8/24
11am-2pm – Coeur Wharf’s Annual Family & Community day picnic!! This is a pretty great event so be sure to be there! Free picnic, gold panning, raffles and prizes and tours of the big equipment. All the fun happens at Wharf. This is in conjunction with Black Hills READS, United Way and the Lead Boys & Girls Club.

Sunday 8/25
1pm – Java Joint is having a painting party starting at 1pm. Call Tyke to reserve your spot and get tickets. (605) 717-5852

Monday 8/26
Noon – The cut off to turn in your titles for the Adult Summer Reading Program at the Hearst Library! I think we all know who’s going to win – but maybe you won’t come in last? Save the date for the participant party on Friday evening, 8/30.

Tuesday 8/27
6:30pm – Free Poker at Blackstone Lodge & Suites continues, everyone welcome.

Bust out the golf bats (as they say in Germany) and get yourself ready for Kiwanis Prospector Bowl – Mini Golf Tournament! Friday evening 9/6. $100 for teams of 4. Call Lyman for more info or to register: (605) 717-5852 This even supports the remodel of Mountain Top Field.

Want your event included? I try to keep up, but there’s usually more than even I know about going on, so let me know!

Please check your member listing (both business and individual)! Is it easy to find on our website’s Chamber Directory? Is the information correct and up to date? I’ve done some updating/adjusting so that it hopefully appears everywhere that makes sense, but if not please let me know and I’ll fix. You can find it here: https://business.leadmethere.org/list/

What are you feeling optimistic about lately? Or not so optimistic about? Reply right here, I love to hear from you!

Sierra Ward

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