Reason #862 Why Leads Great

Happy Thursday!

One of the many things I love about Lead is its openness to new people, ideas and change. You may disagree with me, but I’ve lived a lot of places, and let me tell you – a town of 3,500 is almost never as open and welcoming as I find Lead. We all get a little stodgy and set in our ways, change is hard for human beings – but on the whole I find Lead extra special.

I think part of this openness comes from a long history of having a constant influx of new people. Homestake’s amazing jobs brought people from all over the country (and immigrants from all over the world) to work here. Sadly, (even though it means great progress toward homogenization) we no longer really have the ethnic neighborhoods, like the Italian neighborhood on Miners and the English neighborhood at the top of Mill, with tiny grocery stores that carried their country specific ingredients.

What we do still have is the skill set to welcome new people from all over. This amazing attitude is noticed by people who newly move here as they comment constantly on our amazing sense of community. This will take us a long way into the future and help us adapt as the world continues to change around us. Lead, you make me proud.

Here’s what’s going on this week!

Today, Thursday 8/15
3pm – Pie Social, just three left! These have been intimate and a great impromptu way to have great conversations with a few of you! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be there until 4:30pm. Want to bake pie for us? We have two more slots for volunteers to donate their time and talent!

Friday, 8/16
9am-4pm – Fuel Your Success: Wellness in the Workplace Workshop in Spearfish hosted by The South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity (SD CEO). See our calendar for details and info

12pm – History on the Lawn: Tootsie – South Dakota State Coyote*
Kim Borsch and Marilyn Schwaner will share how the family of Fred Borsch ended up in Galena in the late 1800s and the heartwarming story about the famous coyote, Tootsie, that the Borsch family raised from a pup. This is a free event put on by Deadwood History on the Adam’s House Museum lawn. Bring a lunch and enjoy some summer sun.

Sunday, 8/18 – St. Pat’s & St. Ambrose All Church Picnic – All are welcome to the Catholic Churches’ picnic. They’ll have an Outdoor Mass at 4 p.m., with supper and games to follow! Burgers and brats will be provided for this potluck event at Manuel Brother’s Park.

Monday, 8/19 – City Commission Meeting at City Hall, 5pm

Tuesday, 8/20 – CRISPR, Catastrophe or Solution to All Man’s Woes? 
In November 2018 twin babies were born in China with genetically engineered DNA. Is the human species done, as we knew it, or are we on the cusp of ‘a whole new world’? Join author L.H. Draken as she discusses this new and emerging technology. 6pm at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center with refreshments and reception to follow.

Did you know that Hangar 7 Lounge at Blackstone Lodge has free poker every Tuesday night? They just play for fun but it’s a great group and good poker practice. Join them at 6:30pm.

And that’s it for now! See the whole calendar here:
Want us to include your member event? Just email or call me with the deets.

*Burning Question: do you say the word “COYOTE” ky-oh-tee, or ky-oat??

Sierra Ward

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