Small Towns Are Friendlier

Happy Thursday!

This week I’ve been thinking about how everyone who moves to Lead says how great our community vibe is! This is a great complement and I would agree that people are very friendly and welcoming! There’s lots going on and we’re eager to have you join us!

I’ve visited and lived in big cities before and am STILL struck at times by the differences of living here in a small well connected town. I wonder if maybe because of our more distinct boundaries and physical limitations (mountains), are we forced upon each other more often than in the urban sprawl of other places? Have you ever heard of Dunbar’s Number? It’s thought to be the average number of people you can maintain a social relationship with – about 150 people (depending on the personality could be higher and lower but 150 is the average). This 150 is made up of relationships where you could safely invite yourself to their table at a bar and you would both enjoy catching up. This doesn’t include people that you’ve broken ties with (for various reasons), but might include some people at the periphery that you would reconnect with if the opportunity presented itself (friends who moved closer, old classmates you’d want to hang out with again, etc).

If we figure that there’s about 5,000 (ish) living in the greater Lead/Deadwood area that means that each of us has a positive friendly association with about 3% of the population – and the people on the periphery (acquaintances of all kinds) is even larger. That’s a pretty good chunk of people we know! If we lived in a place like Dallas with a greater metro population of 7.5 million we’d only know 0.002% of the population. Even though there’s more people in a city, maybe that’s why humans tend not to be as friendly in larger places – because we’re exhausted, our plates are completely full of social interaction.

Here’s to Lead and knowing so many of the people pretty well! I love it here!


_____ Here’s what’s going on around town this week

Today, 5/27 – 5pm Wolfpack Working Dogs will be hosting the May SCIENCE ROCKS at the Visitor Center! This month is all about the science behind live and dead missing person searches. Come enjoy snacks, science and dogs! Parental advisory is advised. Free!

Friday, 5/28 – Today is Dan Leikvold Day! If you see him be sure to congratulate him on his MANY years of service to our community as school superintendent!

5:30pm, ZUMBA at Explore Fitness & Adventures! And don’t miss the 6:30pm Wednesday evening classes either!

5:30-7:30pm – SKATE NIGHT at the Handley Recreation Center is back if you need another indoor way to burn off some steam! $3 entry and $2 skate rentals!

7pm – FREE Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Homestake Opera House! Did you know this was one of the last movies shown before the awful fire of 1984?! Admission is free and concessions will be available.

Saturday, 5/29 – 10am, Join Katrina at Explore Fitness & Adventures for Part 1 of a 3 part BACKPACKING CLINIC and day hike. Learn about how to back pack successfully! No overnight and no camping but the hike will include setting up a camp and cooking a lunch! Add this fun adventure to your summer plans that officially (weather or no) start this weekend! $29 includes lunch and supplies (you do not need to bring any gear if you don’t have it!)

Sunday, 5/30 – 3-7pm, We’d like to Welcome Sacred Mountain Retreat Center to our membership! If you aren’t familiar with their mission you’re in luck! They’re having a Memorial Day BBQ and everyone is invited! They’d love for you to come meet them and see what they’re doing for veterans, first responders and their families here in our beautiful backyard! Lunch by donation.

Monday, 5/31 – Happy Memorial Day!

Tuesday, 6/1 – Welcome June! How did you sneak up on us?

Wednesday, 6/2 – 8:45am, Lead Beautification will be having their annual flower planting fun! Bring gloves, tools and friends to help plant all over town!

Thursday, 6/3 – 4-6pm FIRST PIE SOCIAL of the summer! Join us on the Ray Davis Ring Patio with special guest and sponsor Allied Construction! We’ll have pie and fun! Come hang out with us!


_____ Save the Dates

Sat 6/5 – Nature & Wellness Retreat at Whitetail Creek Resort! Take time to reconnect with yourself and nature during this retreat. Journey through the hills on a hike led by Katrina Hutchinson, followed by a brief meditation practice, lunch, and the day will wrap with a yoga session by the creek led by Chelsie Bauer.  Participants will als receive a wellness gift bag. Tickets at $60.

Sat 6/5 – Crazy Horse will be holding their spring Volksmarch! Don’t miss this awesome chance to stand on the top of this monument!

Sat 6/12 – Community Wide Garage sale in Lead, Deadwood & Central City!

Second Saturday’s on Main Street!

Sat 6/19 – Bicycle Rodeo sponsored by Thyssen Mining, Ace Hardware, Lynn’s Dakotamart, the Lead Police Department, us and the Visitor Center. Kids ages 5-12 will receive instruction on safe riding and receive a free helmet, snacks and a tshirt! Register at city hall 584-1401 before Tuesday, 6/2!

June 24-27 – Ann Charles Fan Party weekend! Are you an Ann Charles Fan? Don’t miss out on all that’s happening from book signings to parties to appearances galore! Come say hi to Ann Charles!!

June 25-26 – All School Reunion Weekend!!


____ News & Notes

Are you looking for fun stuff for your kids to do this summer? There are several really cool summer day camp opportunities available! Check our Deadwood History’s offerings here: and Black Hills State University’s Academic Summer Camps here: deadlines for both are coming up SOON so if you’re interested, jump!

Montana Dakota Utilities will be running a brand new gas line from Lead to Terry Peak. They will be utilizing the area of the Michelson Trail spur that goes from Walter Green Park on Hearst Avenue down to the highway. This trail will be closed from mid June and hopefully open at the beginning of July. Yes, I’m disappointed too, but it will be great news for Coeur Wharf!

Speaking of one of our favorite local mines, did you know that they’ve donated a total of $100,000 towards the soon to be rebuilt skate park in Lead? We are bowled over by their continued generosity to Lead and look forward to exciting skate park improvements soon!

We were saddened to hear of Sue Stone’s passing this last week. We enjoyed chatting with her so much at Thomas Grier Day. Our condolences are with her family.

The apple blossoms are out in our parking lot and we are soaking them up! Be sure to take them in when you drive by next and maybe roll down your window so you can smell their subtle and wonderful scent!

Do you have less or more than 150 close friends? Do you think Lead is friendly? I’d love to hear your own thoughts on my statistical musings! Reply right here!

With Love from Lead,
Sierra Ward

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