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Good Morning Loyal Readers & Fans of Lead!

I’ve been spending a lot of time at the Homestake Opera House lately. I’m directing the fall show, “Brighton Beach Memoirs” which opened last weekend. I’m super proud of it – we have a wonderful cast and crew and the whole show has come together beautifully. We had a great audience last weekend and hoping for a bang up closing weekend. Once a show opens there’s not a lot for the director to do except sit back and be proud of all the hard work that everyone’s done. This last weekend I was sitting in the audience and admiring the building.

When my sister (a physics major) and I were in college we would often spend our Friday evenings deep in philosophical conversations about the nature of the universe (yes, we ARE big nerds). We would often talk about time, something most of us don’t give much thought to in our day to day lives. It gets pretty trippy pretty quickly. I’m not a mathematician but I walked away from those conversations always imagining time slightly differently.

We go through life in what we imagine to be linear time. We got up today, which was on a line before reading this and after getting up the day before. Tonight we will go home, eat some dinner and go to bed in the future. We imagine it’s all very orderly. But what if all these things are happening at once – more like photographs in a pile rather than a movie. What if this measuring tape progression of what was and what will be is already unrolled and stretches out all at once — simultaneously. Wherever you’re sitting reading this email, everything that has ever happened in that same spot is also happening. I’m writing this while you’re reading it, you’re reading it before I’ve written it.

In the end, no one has much of a consensus on the physics of time — but using the imagery of a stack of time-photographs, layers in space on top of each other, made me think about everything that has ever happened on the Homestake Opera House stage in it’s 100+ years of operation. I imagined it all happening: the building of the building, the dedication, the different performers and artists and shows, the fire, the ongoing restoration, and everything that happens in the future. To sit and grasp this one special moment that I exist inside, this fleeting second seems even more precious.

I hope you can join me for this one snapshot moment of Lead’s opera house this weekend for Brighton Beach Memoirs, and if not for this show then in the upcoming weeks for Festival of Trees on 12/4 and 5 or for Cowboy Christmas.


Here’s what’s happening this week in Lead!

Today, Thursday, 11/ 21

5-7pm – November Chamber Mixer at Miners & Merchants Trading Post on Main St. With the shopping season coming up this is a great way to kick start some of your gift buying! Come for snacks and refreshments and just to hang out in Carol and Jon’s cozy shop!

6-8pm – The Lord’s Cupboard Wine Tasting at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center. Hosted by St. Vincent De Paul this event was s smash up success last year! It helps raise money at a crucial time for the Lord’s Cupboard food pantry in Lead. Come enjoy a great evening!

Friday, 11/22

5:30-7:30 – Family Skate Night at the Handley Recreation Center. Skate rental included in entry fee of $5.

7pm – Brighton Beach Memoirs plays at the Historic Homestake Opera House!

7pm – Trivia at Lewie’s Saloon. Come for dinner before hand! Meets in big back room.

Saturday, 11/23

7pm – Brighton Beach Memoirs plays at the Historic Homestake Opera House!

Sunday, 11/24

2pm – Brighton Beach Memoirs plays at the Historic Homestake Opera House! Don’t miss the very last show!

Tuesday, 11/26

7pm – Every year a different church in Lead hosts the annual Thanksgiving worship service. This year it’s the First Presbyterian church on Baltimore. All are invited and welcome.

Wednesday, 11/27

9am – PIE!! The Hearst Library is hosting their annual Holiday Pie Sale! They’re still looking for pie bakers, so if you could donate your time and talent this fundraiser will support the Library Endowment. Pies may be dropped off on Tuesday or the morning of the event.

Thursday, 11/28


Other Stuff:
Please join me in welcoming our newest member Sander Sanitation / A to Z Shredding to the chamber! Sander Sanitation will be taking over our Lead trash contract – so look for them in 2020.

Also a big welcome to the new owners of KDSJ radio, 4 Paws Broadcasting! We’re looking forward to partnering with them in 2020!

Jenny from Plunder Jewelry has photo lockets for sale. These would make awesome Christmas gifts! Check out her site:

Have a wonderful day today! And enjoy all that sparkle and pop of winter! That freezing drizzle we had yesterday sure did make the trees beautiful!

Sierra Ward

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