Right on Schedule

Good Morning Lead (and friends of Lead)!

Is there anything as summery as the sound of lawn mowers in the late afternoon? I can’t believe we finally made it!

Have you seen the beautiful trees in our parking lot at the Visitor Center? And the lilacs that are just about to pop? For some reason it kind of surprises me that summer is here without any effort or planning on our part – it’s just something that happens. And thank goodness it couldn’t get canceled! The trees are so fragrant and make me so unbearably happy. They only last a week so be sure you get a good look at them next time you drive through town!

____ Here’s what’s going on around town

Friday, 5/29 – 10am We’ll continue with our Feeding Lead program. No need to pre-qualify, if you could use some food just come and grab it. Thank you so much to our sponsors and volunteers. We’ll continue this week and next and then we will disperse the funds to other local associations in Lead.

Tuesday, 6/2 – 9am Lead Beautification is inviting everyone to come help plant flowers around town! They REALLY need help, and are hoping to have a good turnout for the hundreds of flowers they plant around town. Please meet at the Visitor Center parking lot at 9am with your own garden gloves, trowel and any other tools you might need and they will make a plan and disperse.

Whitetail Creek Resort is hiring a cleaner. Interested? Stop by and chat with Chris, the owner.

Johns & Kosel is also hiring a legal secretary. You can find more information on our jobs page: https://business.leadmethere.org/ Have a job you want us to post for you? Let me know!
Explore Fitness & Adventures has put together a bang up calendar of awesome events! Including dinners, group hikes, gardening, backpacking clinics and many other awesome things. Check out their website and Facebook page for all details!

Good Shepherd Clinic in Spearfish will remain closed through July 1. Check their Facebook for more details. If you have a general question you can leave a message on their machine: 605-717-2080

Evergreen Media is excited to announce that the summer issue of Black Hills Visitor has arrived! The digital issue can be viewed here. If you are interested in having the publication at your business, please contact Alix for distribution delivery at 605-343-7684.

The Visitor Center and Chamber board is moving forward with a plan to reopen. No specific date yet, but it looks like we might be closer to opening the doors.

Northern Hills Recreation Association is moving forward with their scheduled events. The next big one is MUD DAYS at Recreational Springs Resort on June 13 and 14! Don’t miss this fun event!

Did I miss something? Probably…. if you have something going on please email me! I’m trying to keep track of everything but I do sometimes miss things.

I hope you are all well and happy!
Sierra Ward

P.S. Did you know that we send out a print newsletter every month? It’s full of the month’s highlights, more in depth information about members and stuff going on around Lead. People love it! You can receive this amazing work of art by becoming a chamber member, or you can read the digital version on our website. June’s letter is coming out soon!

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