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Good Morning!

I read an article last week about how Norwegians get through winter. Talk about a tough, it’s completely dark for several months in part of the Northern Hemisphere. The first thing that researchers noticed was that people way up there didn’t “get through” it at all. Their attitude was one of excitement and looking forward to this special time.

I have a philosophy that people do what they most want to do. You are not a victim of circumstance! If you hate it here, and you hate the snow, move somewhere else. You might find that hard for various reasons, but that means that you would rather stay than go, so you’re doing what you most want. If we’re here, it’s because we want to be, so we’d best stop whingeing about the snow/cold/winter/weather.

Yes, we get a lot of snow, yes it’s cold, but you know what is great about winter? Let me name a few of my favorite things:

-The hoar frost, I have never seen hoar frost as magical as here, and we had some breathtaking examples on Monday morning.

-The sun! It might have been in the single digits this week but the sun was out and our dry cold never felt too harsh.

-The fact that cold weather never really seems to hold for too long before we get a break. We had hoar frost and single digit temps AND a day that was in the 50’s!

-The more quiet season. We still have tourism and thank goodness Lead is not a town that needs to shut down in the winter time, but I definitely enjoy the slower pace of the entire Black Hills.

-Dinners and parties and getting together with friends. There is almost nothing I love more than having cozy times with friends at home. Save on your heating bill and invite a bunch of warm bodies over to heat the house!

-Winter foods and baking and hot drinks – oh my.

-My super snugly maternity coat that I got on sale – what a great thing to buy this year!

-I even love the earlier evenings. It’s more time to snuggle up and enjoy the crispy sparkling nights (and soon the Christmas decorations!

You can either be happy about winter or you can be upset about winter – but either way, winter is here to stay. Can we challenge ourselves to be positive about it? It can be hard, but like most things, it gets easier with practice as we develop the habit of being excited about Lead’s best season!


Here’s what happening in Lead this week!

Today, Thursday 11/14
12 noon – Preservation Thursday is happening at the Homestake Adams Research Cultural Center in Deadwood. This month it’s about Theodore Roosevelt and the women who influenced his views on women’s suffrage. Admission is by donation.

5-7pm is Deep Talks at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center. This month we’ll hear from Syd DeVries about the Ross and Yates shafts. Come at 5pm for free beer provided by Crow Peak and snacks. This talk will highlight a key part of this facility’s transformation from gold mine to underground science facility: the shafts. “The talk will focus on the history of the Yates and Ross Shafts, their use during the mining period and their transition into current and their future use for Sanford Lab,” said Syd DeVries, Long Baseline Neutrino Facility engineer for buildings and site infrastructure at Sanford Lab.

Thursday-Saturday is free dump days for Lead-Deadwood residents. Call Lead City Hall for more information 584-1401.

Friday, 11/15
Deadwood History is hosting a sleep over for kids in grades 3-7 at Days of ’76 Museum. See their website for all the details.

5pm – Miners’ Tin Cup is having another artist evening with the “Deer Lady” at their shop on Main Street.
She’ll be back on Saturday during the day if you can’t make it Friday evening.

5:30pm – Family Skate Night at the Handley Recreation Center. $5 includes entry and rental.

7pm – Brighton Beach Memoirs opens at the Historic Homestake Opera House! This is gonna be a super fun show (I’m a little biased as I’m directing it!) We’d love to see you! If you have never been to a show here I have some comp tickets to give away! Just reply right here and I’ll hook you up!

7pm – Trivia at Lewie’s! Trivia starts! Each week is a new game and a ton of fun. In the back room, full menu available.

Saturday, 11/16
7pm – Brighton Beach Memoirs returns for the second show. See note above.

Sunday, 11/17
2pm – Brighton Beach Memoirs matinee. See notes on Friday’s show.

Monday, 11/18
5pm – Lead City Commission Meeting at city hall

Thursday, 11/21
5-7pm – November Chamber Mixer at Miners & Merchants Trading Post. Always a fun time at M&M! They will have refreshments, sale items and all kinds of Christmas stuff! Come get a shop local preview.

6pm – Wine Tasting Fundraiser for Lord’s Cupboard put on by St. Vincent DePaul of St. Ambrose. Come support an awesome cause with a super fun event! And support the food cupboard at this super vital season.

And that’s what’s happening in Lead, kids – hope to see you around soon!
Stay happy, stay cozy and stay psyched about winter!!

Sierra Ward

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