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Dear Loyal Readers!

I know how small towns are, we’re a family and boy do we love to know what everybody is up to!! It’s got it’s downsides but on the whole I really believe it’s because we care about each other, and we’re tight knit. I for one love it, and I too love to be embroiled in the thick of it. It’s part of what I love about having written these emails for almost three whole years (and thanks to Christine for helping me out lately!). I’ve seen it connect us in ways I never dreamed possible.

That all said, I want you to know what’s going on down here at the Chamber! It’s sad, it’s true, I’ve given my resignation. Some of you know how busy I am, which I don’t say as a badge of honor but because it’s just how things have progressed. Covid changed our lives for better and for worse, and it shifted almost all of our lives and how we work. It forced me to help my husband with his plumbing business, it allowed me to work just part time for the Chamber and Visitor Center and it got me thinking about my longer term plans and going back to school. I also had a kid, and started learning how to juggle life as a new parent. It’s been a lot.

And because I love Lead, because I deeply care about the missions of the Chamber and Visitor Center I think both of these organizations need an Executive Director who can commit more of their brain space and time to serving in these capacities. It’s a lot of job, not only as far as responsibilities but also because it’s a public job, and a non profit job. But the rewards are also amazing and I’ve been deeply moved by this chance to be involved with this town and her people. I’ve learned more than I ever dreamed possible in three years and am so thankful that I got this opportunity!

I look forward to continuing to be involved in Lead and supporting her and her people in every way I can. I see a long and happy future ahead for all of us!

I hope to help as much as I can wrap up a few large projects and manage the transition should the board find a replacement. My last day will be Wednesday 11/26.

With so much love for the good, the bad, and the ugly,

Sierra Ward

P.S. If you know of anyone who would like to apply please have them contact me for a job description – we’ll have it posted soon.

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