How To Leave But Stay

Hello & Late Good Morning!

I want to say thank you so much for the many kind responses I received about my news last week. It definitely hasn’t been an easy decision to leave, but I’m not leaving Lead and I look forward to continuing to be involved and an active part of our community.

This transition has me reflecting on what seems like some of the most jam packed years of my life, it’s hard to believe it’s just been three! Between the normal things like having a baby, we also packed in a pandemic, reorganized our organizations, and basked (retreated from?) in newfound fame and glory as a state! It’s been bananas! These past years also have me thinking about how much I’ve changed, how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve learned. I honestly didn’t know it was possible to learn so much in so short a time – skills that will serve me well in all my future endeavors.

These past years also have me thinking about how different the life that I’ve chosen for myself is from the one I grew up in. My dad went back to school and changed career paths at 40 (which in my youth always seemed soooo old, and now that I’m close enough to touch 40, it suddenly seems …. like I’m repeating his trend!) and with three little kids in tow the parentals proceeded to move all over the country and world. It was high adventure and gave me so many good skills (sadly, no nunchuck skillzzz). I’ve often said that I got the best experience, I got to see the world then come back to my favorite small town and build my life. But between galavanting all over creation I never really learned how to imbed in a community. (Ha, as if I’m a secret spy!) I learned how to adapt, and change and learn new things, but not how to really participate in small town life – which is a challenge unto itself.

If these past three years have taught me anything that I’m happy to take away, it was how to put myself out there (terrifying for someone who’s naturally quite introverted), how to show up, dream big, and navigate the complexities of “family” life. It was always easier to learn this when I was being paid to do it. Sometimes the veneer of requirement allows us to do things we just couldn’t muster if it weren’t a job. I learned not only what a chamber is (embarrassing to admit I had no idea), but also how it can benefit a community, how to volunteer for organizations, what each organization does in Lead, how they service and benefit us and more about the trials and complexities of running a small business. I’ve also learned how to fail (hello, Labor Day Gold Camp Jubilee), how to accept criticism, and use these experiences as more learning opportunities. But more than anything I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for being here to see Lead at this amazing transitional time!

So while this may be goodbye, in a few months (I’m wrapping up a few things, and hoping to train someone new), it isn’t goodbye to Lead! I look forward to living a long and happy life here, and being involved for many years to come in many ways, shapes and forms!


______ Here’s what’s happening in Lead this week

Thursday 9/16 – 5-7pm – The Lead Deadwood Arts Center will host an Open House for their current show “Traditional Rug Hooking & Fiber Exhibit.” Over 50 beautiful pieces are on display. Featuring live rug hooking demonstrations. For more info, call 584-1461.

Friday 9/17 – 7pm – “You’re killin’ me, Smalls!” FREE movie showing of the “The Sandlot” at the Homestake Opera House. Bring the family for this fun, quirky movie! This movie is sponsored by Deadwood Dental and Deadwood Eyecare. Snacks and refreshments will be for sale.

Saturday 9/18 – 7am – OrthoPeak Run @ Terry Peak! Registration at 7am, race begins promptly at 8am. Several race options. See more at www.Monument.Health

Sunday 9/19 – Wake Up & Worship!

Monday 9/20 – 5pm – City Commission Meeting at City Hall

Wednesday 9/22 – 5:30pm – Zumba with Debbie Minter @ Explore Fitness & Adventures (every Wednesday & Friday at 5:30pm!) Moving for exercise to music – what could be more fun?! You don’t need to be a great dancer to enjoy this!

Thursday  9/23 – 12pm – Preservation Thursday at Deadwood History. This month will be the amazing and talented David Vardiman presenting on TJ Grier. You won’t want to miss one of the rare opportunities to hear Mr. Vardiman talk about Homestake and hear his passion for our history!

5pm – SCIENCE ROCKS: The Science of Fire Join the Lead Volunteer Fire Department for live action demonstrations of fire extinguishers and try one for yourself! Learn why they work and how to use one. Snacks! Ray Davis Ring Patio at the Visitor Center!

______ Save the Dates

FALL IN LOVE WITH LEAD! Is going to be next weekend! We’re excited to be throwing a fall event to round out the season! Lots of activities and hosted events by our partners! This is a Visit Lead event and we’re excited to be raising some money for our sad trolley and the Boys & Girls Club! Check it all out

9/24 – 4-6pm September Ribbon Cutting & Chamber Mixer @ Yates Hair Shaft! You won’t want to miss!

_____ News & Notes

So many people have asked us – what’s the huge building going up on the highway across the street from the Homestake Mansion. It’s a toy barn…. On the plus side, someone is investing money into Lead and that’s always a good thing!

With Love from Lead,
Sierra Ward

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