Your weekly LEAD update!

Hello Everyone!

I’m currently on vacation so this email was sent by my trusty email sending robot. Ah… these modern times we live in!

If you’re new to this list, welcome! I send weekly emails with updates about stuff happening in/around Lead.

Most lately we’re thrilled to welcome the new owners of the Golden Hills Lodge, and even more excited that they will be opening the hotel in a partial capacity for this summer season! Whoot!

Please also welcome Deadwood Springs Outdoors to the Chamber. Marty has purchased the old Odd Fellows building (across from the parking garage on Main St.) and is in the process of remodeling it. He plans to move his previous military surplus/outdoor supply/fly fishing and guiding, and add a deli and ice cream shop.

Mystic Hills Yoga Studio is also a brand new member. Stormy is renting a space in the basement of Gold Rush Plaza. The remodel of that building is amazing and the basement is a beautiful space – we’re excited to take some of the classes that are lined up!

The 2019 Lead Magazine is out! Grab your copy here or at Ace Hardware! Want to stock the magazine? Let me know and I’ll bring you a box!

Ideas? Thoughts? Great wine and chocolate pairings? Want to know more about how cool Lead is? Reply right here, I love to hear from you all!

Sierra Ward

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