Fall Storms Vs. Spring Storms

Good Morning!

Husband superstitiously says that if you don’t say the word “snow” it might not happen. I roll my eyes to this, after all, I love snow! We had a good fall – warm, easy, bright – but I’m ready for winter and the magic of the new season – and good thing too, because it’s here!

I’m always struck by the difference between our first big snow storm and the snow storms that come in the spring. You’d think we’d be used to snow by now, but each year when the cycle starts over we’re all gripped with a mild panic. Do we have everything we need from the store? A friend of mine said that Sam’s club in Rapid was devoid of toilet paper that just a few days before had been overflowing into isles. (Apparently this is the new apocalypse necessity.) We all somehow forget to drive and it’s not uncommon for me to have a few nightmares about sliding off a hill early in the season. We realize we’ve delayed winterizing things too long and rush to finish that, we can’t remember where we put our hat, our gloves and our ice scraper! In the spring big huge wet dumps happen and we barely bat an eyelash so used to the whole process.

Granted this storm was particularly icey since the ground wasn’t even cool let alone frozen. We got about 2.5 feet (unofficial measurement) and so today in the crisp brightness we’re busy digging ourselves out. There’s something very satisfying about getting the snow stacked and reorganized. I remain very proud of the crews that worked all night to get the streets, large and small, dug out. Because there was so much snow they stick it on the side streets along Main and then will go back and load that up into dump trucks and haul it out to the edge of town. Snow is a big construction project around here!

____ Here’s what’s happening in Lead this week

Thursday 10/14

5-7pm – Join us to celebrate Ray Davis’ Birthday at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center! Refreshments from 5-6 and presentation from SD Mines professor Dr. Reichenbacher about Dr. Davis’ contributions to Physics. We’ll have cake and beer! Free!


Friday 10/15

5:30pm – Zumba! With Debbie Minter @ Explore Fitness & Adventures. Get that cabin fever sludge off!

Paranormal Investigations at the Adams House Museum continue this weekend. See DeadwoodHistory.com for more information


Saturday 10/16

9:30am – The Vendor Market returns to the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center. Come check out the offerings, including a first time vendor who makes awesome soaps! Other vendors will be selling handmade soup koozies, purses, books, photographs and household items.

10am – “Actor Training Workshop: Basics 101” for kids august 6-18 at the Homestake Opera House. More info [email protected]

Stay for the follow up workshop at 1pm “Actor Training Workshop: How to Yell” for ages 12+. Cost is $5 for each class.

Sunday 10/17

2pm – The Homestake Opera House will have their first members only event, a readers theater spotlighting memories from people who worked at or visited the Opera House in its early days. You won’t want to miss hearing from TJ Grier and Phoebe Hearst herself! More information by calling (605) 584-2067

2pm – “Ongoing and Up-ending” exhibit and reception at the Lead Deadwood Arts Center by Leekyung Kang, a celebrated mixed media artist and Sanford Underground Research Facilities 2021 Artist-in-Residence. Masks are required.


Monday 10/18

5pm – City Commission Meeting


Wednesday 10/10

5:30pm – Zumba! With Debbie Minter at Explore Fitness & Adventures

7pm – Orion & Stacy Potter will be performing at the Homestake Opera House. Don’t miss this dynamic duo who have been performing for over a decade! More info here: https://our.show/orionstaceypotter


Thursday 10/21

12pm – Preservation Thursday: “No Blood, No Foul” – For over a century, Deadwood’s illegal brothels seemingly operated with impunity, unless and until blood was spilled. During this prolonged period, the brothels operated continuously on Deadwood’s Main Street having faced only three concerted efforts to shutter their doors.  Mysteriously, all three of these governmental incursions were preceded by very public killings. Did these ill-fated deaths compel the constabulary into attempting to rid the town of nefarious activities inherent in such vice, or were these untimely losses merely coincident to the raids? Come and enjoy the Honorable Jeffrey Viken and Mr. Michael Trump as they present a detailed account of each tragedy so that you may decide for yourself.  Homestake Adams Research and Cultural Center, feel free to bring your lunch! $5 for non members, and free to members.


____ Save the Dates

Friday 10/22 – 7pm show at the Homestake Opera House: Supaman. Supaman’s one of a kind presentation combines Native culture, comedy and urban hip hop culture which dazzles audiences and captivates listeners. For this he has gained the respect of his community and generation. The communicative talent along with the compassion that exudes from his music allows him to connect with people from all walks of life. His uncanny ability to motivate, encourage, and inspire through dance, and hip hop music keeps him at the forefront among his contemporaries which gives him a platform to educate on Indigenous issues. More info at the HOH website.


Thursday 10/28 – October Chamber Mixer will be Rustic Nook Bakery and also serve as Leigha’s goodbye party. Don’t miss seeing her new location and thanking her with us for all the work she’s helped do for Lead!

____ News & Notes

Terry Peak is selling their deep discounted season passes this month! Don’t miss out!! Visit their website to purchase and for more info.

Stay cozy, drive carefully and enjoy the beauty!

With Love from Lead,
Sierra Ward

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