I can’t Believe I got Fired from the Calendar Factory. All I did was Take a Day Off!

Good Morning!

Have you ever been fired, laid off or furloughed? It’s a traumatic experience. But very often it frees us up in a way we weren’t before. Few of us can responsibly walk away from a job, particularly if we have a family and a mortgage and all the trimmings of adult life. Being let go from a job is up there with one of the most stressful events, but it also gives us a rare opportunity for freedom.

I got on Melissa Hampton’s Edward Jones Coffee Club webcast last week to hear about the stock market and what’s going on on Wall Street. Our economy, shoot, the entire world’s economy, is more than a little scary right now, but I left with this lil’ nugget from Melissa, “Uncertainty leads to opportunity!”

How does this uncertain circumstance that we’re all finding ourselves in, and for many of us has left us jobless, also provide new opportunity? Maybe this is the chance you wanted to start your own business or change careers? We all find ourselves pushed around by circumstances in life, but I don’t believe we’re just victims to the waves of chance. While riding out this storm is difficult, it can also push us to new growth and opportunities! What ways do you find yourself being pushed during this?

My husband owns Danny’s Plumbing Services. In the past I’ve been hesitant to help him with this business because I didn’t want to be his wife and also his manager, it just felt too close. But since I’m working from home and one of my jobs (Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center Administrator) is largely on hold while our building is closed, I’ve started helping Daniel with his business. Instead of being too close, it’s actually brought us together as we work on the same team towards the same goal. I’m fortunate to not only be married to a wonderful, kind man but also someone who I’m genuinely fond of and really good friends with. I don’t know when this will be over, and I don’t know what will happen at the end of all this, but I do know that no matter what, things will be changed!

I hope you find these strange circumstances a chance to brainstorm about your future and an opportunity to put plans in place to make that future a reality!

_______Here’s what’s happening this week:

We were disappointed that the Easter service didn’t materialize due to the snow storm… but we continue to look forward to events – even if they’re just drive up events as the weather improves. If you have ideas for future distanced events let’s talk!

We are getting a delivery of food boxes next week, when I have more details I’ll share with everyone.

Thursday, 4/16

10am – “What Businesses are Doing Across the Dakotas to Survive & Thrive” Webcast presented by SD CEO. If your business is impacted by COVID-19 and you are looking for some new online marketing ideas, this webinar is for you! Wendy Klug, Program Manager, Veteran’s Business Outreach Center (VBOC) of the Dakotas will share ten examples of thinking out of the box. Register here: https://bhsu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_OjJa4ffOQUuVQRUMitj6mg?fbclid=IwAR3vVM8bjiOl7-cvnQAtkU3gSMVZBUsDXkNwmSUN96v91UxW3GFj92JAXF4

Explore Fitness & Adventures is continuing online classes and bootcamps! If you need more motivation to stay fit during this, Katrina is just the person! Find more info on Facebook or call her: (605) 389-3551

We’re extending Tough Bucks! Send in your receipts through the end of May and we’ll give you some Tough Bucks to spend at chamber member businesses! Find all the details of our stimulus program here. www.LeadMeThere.org/toughbucks

The Deadwood Lead Economic Development Office is offering disaster relief loans to businesses in Lead and Deadwood. Find the application here: https://www.deadwoodleadedc.com/images/Disaster-Relief-Loan-Application.pdf

If you haven’t checked out our website we updated a few things to make it easier to navigate during this time – including a list of members who are open and how they’ve altered their business.

Thanks for reading! I hope things are going okay for you and your family/business/town and if there’s any way we can help you, we hope you’ll reach out!

Stay Tough Lead!!

Sierra Ward

Director, LACC & SLHVC

“There are no big breaks. There are only a series of little breaks. The key is to work your hardest and do your best at every little break.” -John Stewart

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