Just the Right Amount of Choices

Happy Thursday (is another week almost done?!)

The kid has a lot of toys. While it’s exciting to see him engage with toys more now that’s he’s a toddler, I often feel like our living room is an exploding play zone. I might have to put some of those toys away so he can really enjoy the few he has out, because when you have fewer options you better engage with those options.

The same is true for life in Lead. We don’t have a ton of options for things but this also means we can engage more deeply with them and each other. When there’s only one breakfast place (Cheyenne Crossing) you end up going there a lot. We go quite often and it’s a pretty special thing to know that the waitresses know I like a straw with my ice water and they have my coffee ready when they see our car pull into the lot. Kid is always excited to see his big fan club, and his fan club is thrilled to see him!

There’s good evidence that people are happier when they don’t have as many decisions to make (you’ve heard of decision fatigue?). https://medium.com/swlh/how-limiting-choices-actually-leads-to-greater-happiness-1955f834abc5 Think about trying to order something at a cheesecake factory (their menu is like a book) versus Sled Haus (only a couple of the very yummiest things).

With just a few options for shopping, eating out, having fun etc. we can make fewer decisions and engage more deeply with the options we do have! Life is pretty great in Lead!


_______ Here’s the few things that are happening in town (just so you don’t feel overwhelmed!)

Today, Thursday 1/14

12pm – Preservation Thursday will be happening at the Homestake Adams Research and Cultural Center. This month the topic is “Getting Back to Organic” Michelle Grosek, co-owner of Bear Butte Gardens, will share her knowledge and principles of various traditional and natural farming methods. She’ll also be talking about farming for the pioneers and other historical farming topics. This event is free for members of Deadwood History and $5 for all others. Masks are required.

3pm – Beer Bingo @ Jailhouse Taps! Thomas says that this is his favorite microbrewery ever! And surprisingly he’s found his new favorite beer (something twinning the one he found while stationed in Europe) right here in town!

6pm – and speaking of Cheyenne Crossing if you haven’t been to their winter cooking classes before then check out the new series! Dave is a great entertainer and also a wonderful cook! Call 584-3510 for more info and to reserve your spot!

Friday, 1/16
5:30pm – ZUMBA continues with Debbie Minter at Explore Fitness & Adventures (see full calendar of events here https://www.explorefitnessandadventures.com/calendar?view=calendar&month=01-2021) Zumba also happens on Wednesdays at 6:30pm and is so much fun!

Monday, 1/18 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Our offices and the Visitor Center will be open as usual if you have company in town!

Tuesday, 1/19
5pm – We’re excited to bring back our Adult Sip ‘n STEAM! Why should kids get all the fun of learning and hands on science? Come enjoy some drinks, snacks and project time! We’ll be learning about butter, caramelization and the maillard reaction!  Sign up by calling up 584-3110, cost for the class is $15 for members of the Visitor Center $20 for non members – the cost includes a stipend of $10 per person provided by Black Hills Energy for STEAM programming!

5pm – City Commission Meeting (moved because of the holiday) at city hall.
Participate in your government!

Wednesday, 1/20
2pm – We’re having our public planning meeting. Since Winterfest (www.leadmethere.org/winterfest for full schedule) is basically in the bag now we’ll be talking about the rest of q1 and early q2 events. If you’re interested in being part of all that we’re doing please attend (or if you can’t be here in person, let us know and we’ll send you an agenda). Meet in the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center conference room.

6pm – Trivia @ Jailhouse Taps microbrewery

_____ Others News & Notes

Quality Quick Prints is having a rack card sale (stock up before the 2021 season) of 10k cards for $399! We had them print the LEAD magazine and they did a great job! Call Dan Goetz to get this started (605)725-4705

Chalsey Yates, of Yates Hair Shaft, is looking to share her salon with another stylist or esthetician (she has a booth and private rooms available). If you’re interested you can reach her at (605) 641-7931 or stop in at 305 E. Main St.

Have you seen the shiny new offices of Thyssen Mining on Main Street? We’re really excited to have them in town and as a partner for everything we’re doing! And speaking of everything we’re doing if you’re interested in being part of our VIP group of annual sponsors please reach out to Thomas, there’s still time to jump in on Winterfest!! [email protected]

You’ve probably seen the Tough Enough to Wear Pink shirts around town, and you may not know what that’s about. The proceeds from these shirts (a new one is out now) go to support the incidental expenses for cancer patients (not just breast cancer patients). There’s a new shirt design out and you can order them from the Monument Health Foundation by going to  www.monument.health/TETWP

With Love from Lead,
Sierra Ward

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