The Diaspora of Lead


A friend of mine has a boyfriend who’s working at a mine at the edge of the earth. He’s working there with other people who he used to work with at Homestake Mining Company many years ago. They have a special bond because of their time in Lead together even though life has since taken them to many far flung locales. He was wearing one of the Visitor Center’s Homestake t-shirts and they also wanted to remember their days in Lead so we’ll be sending them up a package of Homestake gear.

There are often times when I wish I could just go back for a day as an adult to when Homestake was operating and Lead was a bustling crowded town, just to see what it was like. I am naturally nostalgic, but I also realize that right now, right here is a super special time. We are building a new kind of Lead with people who really want to be here. It’s so exciting to see so much innovation and creativity.

I’ve gotten so many nice compliments and support from people who don’t live here anymore. One person a couple of weeks ago wrote back from Minnesota to say that it was so nice to see how much I care about his hometown. And I often hear how people who are from Lead but now live in other parts of the Black Hills are excited by what’s happening here. This is a pretty special place which so closely bonds people together that no matter where they go in life their heart is here and they continue to care about seeing what happens in our town.

______ Here’s what’s going on in town ______

Days of ‘76 continues in Deadwood see the website for the whole schedule:

Saturday & Sunday 7/25-26 – Explore Fitness & Adventures is having their monthly Backpacking Clinic overnight trip! Cost is just $35. Contact Kristina Hutchinson for all details. (605) 389-3551

_____ Misc. Notes ______

We enjoyed the tribute to Les Roselles last weekend. Great music, and awesome to see so many people come out to support Cheryl and remember a great Lead figure. Cheryl asked the Chamber to fundraise for the fireworks by selling beer, and we were able to raise about $400 towards the 2021 show. Thanks to all who supported the Roselles family.

If you have something you’d like to get into our August newsletter deadline is tomorrow (Friday 7/24)!

We had our second Gold Camp Jubilee planning meeting. It was very productive and we made a lot of great headway towards making it a great event! If you’re interested in participating, sponsoring, volunteering or hosting an event please let me know.

Welcome to our newest members: Dakota Territory Resource Corp. We have a special place in our heart for mining companies and we’re super excited to have their support of the community!

Gold Star Catering is also a new member! Catering all your events! Robert Lester does an awesome job and we were fortunate enough to get to sample his food at this year’s Fire Banquet in June.

Welcome to Adams Salvage Recycling & Recovery! They offer some crucial services to our town by operating the dump and we’re happy to have them in our association!

If you enjoy reading these letters from Lead I hope you’ll share them with someone else that grew up or worked here. Community support doesn’t always need to be local, even far flung support and encouragement helps our town.

With Love from Lead,

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