When We Meet Again

Good Morning!

The other day I was talking with my mom about what might happen if we could meet the 18 year old version of ourselves. I would really want to sit down and chat with her as if we were strangers that had never met before. My 18 year old self wouldn’t recognize me at first (because at 18 who can ever imagine being 38?). Baby me would obviously be dying to hear my sage advice and wisdom (ha!)? Would she be happy with how my life has turned out so far? What would shock her? What would she be proud of?

I think she would be super surprised to find that middle aged me isn’t afraid of public speaking, or interactions with strangers (I was petrifyingly shy, if you can imagine). She would be a little miffed that I ended up with a job sitting at a desk in front of a computer, after all. She also would be surprised to find that I co-own and run a trade business – who would have seen that coming? Young me would be super excited that I got to live in Lead, but probably curious how that had happened. She would be excited that I owned such a great house and had such a nice family. She probably would be sad that it’d taken me so long to have a kid, and that I lived so far away from my other siblings.

I guess it turns out that if I had the chance to meet my previous self, I wouldn’t want to give her much advise  after all, since most of the mistakes and choices lead me one way or another to where I am now – and that place is pretty wonderful!

Do you think meeting a younger you would be a shock? Has time made you cynical? happier? How would that experience go? What would you want to tell an 18 year old you? What would they want to know? On the flip side imagine meeting 80 year old you, how will that go? What will you hope to find about your 80 year old self?

_______ Here’s what’s happening in Lead this week

Today, Thursday 4/8

10am-2pm – the Library is open again (with limited hours) but they are continuing their curb side pickup each Thursday. I love the drive through library idea, because sometimes it’s nice not to have to unbuckle everybody from the car and go into places.

5pm – SCIENCE ROCKS: The Science of Beer with Paul McGrane, co-owner of Jailhouse Taps. (This event was postponed from Tuesday because of the snow storm… we’re having this Thursday, by hook or by crook!) Learn all about the creation of beer! Snacks, Samples, and Fun. Free to attend – 21+ for tastes. Here at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center in the exhibit hall (with lots of room to space out).

6pm – Virtual Deep Talks, a tour of the Ross shaft remodel with Mike Headley. Register and get more details at the Sanford Lab website.

Tuesday, 4/13

7am-7pm – Voting @ the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center. Up for grabs 2 city commission seats and 2 school board seats. If you can’t make it early voting is at City Hall. If you live outside city limits your voting place is at the Lawrence County Clerk’s office in Deadwood.

4pm – STEAM class for kids K-8 at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center. This time will be focused on Art with Magnetic Painting! This class is provided free with a grant from Black Hills Energy and other scholarships and support from Thyssen Mining Company, SD Mines and Homestake Mining Company. Please call Leigha for info and reservations (605)584-3110. This class will repeat for kids registered at the Boys & Girls Club on Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday, 4/14

9am-noon – Shepherd’s Pantry @ Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, 825 W. Main St.

12:30-3:30 – BHSU Virtual Jacket Job Fair – Connect with our upcoming and recent graduates seeking full-time employment and internship opportunities. Get video, audio and chat communication with prospective employees. Hold group meetings with up to fifty applicants and receive 1:1 meetings schedule in advance or day of. $150 to participate. Email [email protected] for more info or questions.

_____ Save the Date

4/16-4/18 – Home Sweet Home @ the Historic Homestake Opera House

4/17 – Gun Show @ The Rod & Gun Club

4/17 – Patsy’s Day @ The Adams House Museum

4/22 – LD Community Fund Chili Cookoff

____ News & Notes

Previous mayor and long time friend of Lead, Jerry Apa, died this last week. He was a great part of our town and our community and he will be missed. Though I didn’t get to know him well enough, I enjoyed his support of the Chamber, serving on the Fire Board with him and seeing him around town. He had a dry and wonderful sense of humor and was a long time reader of these goofy emails. My deepest condolences to his family. His funeral will be this Saturday at 10:30am at St. Patrick’s in Lead.

Life is short, make your 18 year old self proud, and your 80 year old self happy to have known you!

With Love from Lead,
Sierra Ward

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