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Happy Thanksgiving!

As Thomas and Leigha and I were planning the events we want to pull off in 2021 yesterday, we inevitably got to the part of every Wednesday afternoon where I run around wringing my hands and wondering what to write about in this week’s email. “Just write what you’re thankful for,” Leigha said in her kind of isn’t-that-obvious-way. Because, of course, it IS obvious – this is just one of many reasons why she’s so great! Here are seven things that are wonderful about Lead.

  1. Plentiful, year round outdoor recreation. Our long winters can be tough but our amazing chances to get outside even in the colder months makes it so much more enjoyable!  And with such a precious amount of summer, it’s great to spend as much of it outdoors as possible! Living here we sometimes take it for granted.

  2. The fact that Lead is so committed to the arts. With an amazing arts council, opera house and so many businesses that have independently invested in the arts we definitely have a lot to be proud of. Thomas recently directed a play and he was floored by the awesomeness of the Gold Camp Players, “The level of professionalism within community arts in Lead is just amazing.” I agree!

  3. As many of you know, Leigha is hard at work getting ready to open her bakery on Main Street. She said, “I’m thankful that there’s potential and opportunities in a growing town for new businesses, there’s lots of stuff that is about to happen in Lead!” I couldn’t agree more! With the soon arrival of Thyssen Mining to town we look forward to even more great jobs, activity on Main Street, and continued investment into the local business landscape.

  4. A friend of mine recently told me, “I hated living in South Dakota until I moved to Lead because there’s a greater sense of community than anywhere else we’ve lived in this state … or actually in the world.” This is something really special about our town, we have a great mix of long term residents but also enough people who move here that we are in the habit of welcoming new people and quick to make friends.

  5. I’m thankful that our community was able to pull through this weird year successfully. There was a huge outpouring of support for our local businesses this spring, and many business owners told me it was a bang up year for them between the locals and the tourists alike.

  6. I’m personally thankful for this job. It’s harrowing at times but that’s probably part of what I like about it. No day is the same and every day is an adventure. We work hard and fast here at the Chamber, and in our other roles managing and maintaining the Visitor Center but I’m very thankful for the chance to work hard at something that matters – and to make a difference in this town. I’m also extremely grateful to my little team here as we work to promote Lead and all that she has to offer the visitor and resident!

  7. I’m very grateful for a year that shook us all up. It forced us to be creative, to change our priorities, to strip our lives to the essentials, to take a good hard look at everything we do. Yes, it’s been hard but it’s also been a growing experience and that’s always something to be thankful for.

________Here’s what’s going on in Lead this week______

Friday, 11/27 – 5pm, LAST DAY to register your house for the Light Up Lead decorating contest! See all the details here and grab your registrations at Ace Hardware and turn in before we close our offices at 5pm. You do not need to have your house already decorated when you turn in your registration form. Judging will start on 12/1 and go through 12/2 with awards announced out on 12/3. There’s an EXCELLENT chance you could win so get your registrations in!! You have all weekend to decorate!

Saturday, 11/28 – Small Business Saturday – 9am, We start our annual Shop Local event at Miners & Merchants Trading Post & West Main Antiques with gifts and special offers for the first 50 attendees. Visit our Shop Local page for all the details and the participants. Save the date for 12/17 when we’ll be drawing for prizes and gifts for everyone who participated.

Tuesday, December 1 – The Deadwood Lead Economic Development office is having their annual update meeting with special guest Thyssen Mining. We’re looking forward to seeing all the cool stuff going on in our towns!

7pm – Hangar 7 Lounge at Blackstone Lodge is having their weekly poker for fun nights again. These are always much enjoyed by those who attend.

Wednesday, December 2 – 6pm, If you haven’t had a chance to check out trivia at Jailhouse Taps here’s your chance! Beer and knowledge!

As always this email just contains information for this week but there’s lots of stuff coming up so check out our full calendar of events here:

____News & Notes_____

Explore Fitness & Adventures has a new location as you’re going out of town (towards Terry Peak). With a brand new line up of classes and activities you’ll have plenty of ways to stay in shape this winter! From kids dance classes to “Mountain Life” full body fitness. Check out our Community Calendar (and Facebook) or call Katrina (605) 389-3551 for all the class info.

Please welcome Chalsey Yates’s salon and spa – Yates Hair Shaft as our newest member! She colored my hair last week and it looks just AWESOME! (Fun fact: I actually have figured out how to remember the difference between the Yates and Ross headframes because of her shop. Her’s is in the shadow of the Yates headframe. Now you know!)

Blackstone Lodge & Suites is doing their Boxes of Hope again this year starting on Saturday 11/28. If you’d like to donate they’re looking for gloves, socks, after-school snacks, non-perishable food items, pet supplies including blankets, toys, food and cat litter. These donations will be dispersed to the Boys and Girls Club, Twin City Animal Shelter, and the Lord’s Cupboard on 12/21.

The St. Patrick’s Cookie Fair will be on Saturday, 12/12 from 8:30 am – 11:30 am. If you’d like to order pre-made trays call Rita Loeffen at 722-7794.

It’s just about time to play Tree on Car! (next week’s email)! In the meantime get ready to grab your permit for cutting your own Christmas tree out of the woods. Find out details, rules and more info here:

I haven’t lived in Lead full time for very long (we bought our  house here three years ago) but Lead has always been special, ever since I was a kid coming back to visit family – it’s the home of my heart and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to get to live, own a business and work here! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

With so much love from Lead!

Sierra Ward

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