How are you Doing? No, Really…

Good Thursday!

I read about a study a few years ago that loneliness was more dangerous for your health than smoking 15 cigarettes a day. (See one write up about this study here: It’s more dangerous for your health than your weight (which we all know is not really great – here’s looking at you holiday season!) This study had nothing to do with any of the events of 2020 but it’s interesting in a year where more than ever we’re facing the real psychological and health damaging effects of loneliness and all of the extra underlying effects caused by loneliness – depression, suicidal thoughts, addiction issues. A June 2020 study done by the CDC found that 1 in 4 young adults 18-24 had considered committing suicide. This is horrifying! I don’t think isolation is a new problem, human beings are social creatures and we need each other but always struggle to maintain healthy relationships. We have a real life or death need to connect with others throughout our lives.

Part of this problem is realizing that we are having a difficult time. There aren’t necessarily easy solutions but if we recognize that we’re struggling with it we can help treat the root cause instead of trying to mask the pain with alcohol, food or other temporary solutions. As we get into the holiday season it can be especially tough to struggle with loneliness and isolation. Reach out to your family, your friends – check up on each other!


_____ Here’s what’s happening in Lead this week

Today, Thursday 11/19

3pm – Beer Bingo at Jailhouse Taps! If you’re free and want something fun to do on a Thursday afternoon check it out!

4-6pm it’s our November mixer at Recreational Springs Resort. Come meet the new owners and see some of the improvements they’ve already made! Masks are your choice. There will be refreshments. You don’t need to be a member to come and join us but members get free drinks! Feel free to bring a guest!


This weekend:

Friday – Sunday, Gold Camp Player’s last show for a while: “On Golden Pond” I went last week and it really is a great show. Husband is in the show and I was so caught up in the story that I was legit surprised when he walked out on stage. They’ve done a great job! Shows at 7pm on Friday and Saturday and 2pm on Sunday with a zoom call with the playwright Ernest Thompson after the matinee. Tickets for this performance will include an additional $5 charge. This fee, at the request of Mr. Thompson, will go directly to the Monument Health COVID-19 Medical Response Fund.

Saturday, 11/21 – Vintage & Makers Market here at the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center. There will be several great vendors including our very own Rustic Nook Bakery! Leigha will have goodies some come check it out 9:30-3:30. This event is free to the public and we still have some booth rentals if you want to vend. Call 584-3110 or come at 9am on Saturday.

Sunday, 11/22 – 10am Welcome to our new member this week – Connection Church at their new Lead location at 206 Ellison Ct (across from Lotus Up in the old dentist office). This week will be their first official Sunday service. It’s a great group of people and so fun to be on the ground floor of a new organization!

Wednesday, 11/25 – 6pm, Trivia at Jailhouse Taps! Celebrate Thanksgiving Eve in style and leisure!


If there is anything we can help with please let us know. Part of our job is connecting people, especially during these difficult time. Drop by and visit us or call we love to catch up.

With Love from Lead,

Sierra Ward

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