In Like a Lion

Well Hello There!

Here’s a special Tuesday early edition of my normal Thursday email.

I predicted the 20’s would be roaring but I wasn’t really expecting it on THIS level! Let’s hope March goes out like a lamb, and if not March at least April!

I’ve had a lot of time to think about everything that’s going on, I’m trying not to catastrophize (sometimes my tendency) how this will affect us. As you know, if you are a frequent reader, I like to step outside of things and reframe them – Lead (not full of meth addicts), Winter (you chose to live here and enjoy the best season!), and now I’m trying to focus on the bigger picture of this situation.

I don’t want to trivialize this, but it is a history making thing we’re living through right now. At no time in our lives have we ever witnessed or participated in anything like it. It’s not just us here (the Atlas storm was somewhat catastrophic) but this is country and world wide! How surreal to be sharing the same experience with so many other people across the globe! I have a feeling that much like 9/11 it’s going to change the course of history in ways we can’t now imagine. 9/11 made a lot of people take stock of their lives, change careers and focus on what really mattered to them. This will, no doubt, be the same kind of formative event.


Here’s what’s been canceled (and what is still) going on in Lead this week:

The Visitor Center/Chamber offices are closed through Monday 3/23 when we will reassess the situation.

The Chamber Mixer at Golden Ridge Senior Living has been canceled, we’re hoping to reschedule sometime later this year.

Deadwood History Inc. has canceled Preservation Thursday, the Youth Quilting workshop and closed all their Deadwood museums (Adam’s Museum, Days of ’76 Museum, Adam’s House Museum. The Homestake Adams Research and Cultural Center will retain hours of 10-4 Monday through Friday.

The Opera House is still planning to continue with their spring play: “One Slight Hitch” – shows are Friday (3/20 & 3/27) and Saturday (3/21 & 3/28) night at 7pm and Sunday (3/22 & 3/29) matinee at 2pm. They will be taking preventative measures to seat people further away from each other and limiting attendance to 50 people per show. If you are able and willing please consider supporting this event.

There is no skating at the Handley Recreation Center.
Boys and Girls club is also closed.
Both have chosen to follow the school closure schedule and so reopening dates are pending.

The Golden Gang Easter Egg hunt is rescheduled to Saturday April 4 at the Deadwood Gulch Convention Center. The Golden Gang still plans to stuff eggs this Thursday, 3/19 at the Visitor’s Center (stay tuned for more information from Rita regarding this).

We have decided to reschedule the Annual Banquet to Thursday, May 21st, if you purchased.a ticket it will still be good for that date. If that date doesn’t work for you we will issue you a refund.

If you find yourself in need of ANYTHING please reach out to me. I can coordinate lots of things with a good network throughout the Black Hills and would be happy to find a way to help!!

Stay healthy, safe, and most of all happy!

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