Do Clothes Still Make the (wo)Man?

Today I am looking for an outfit to wear to the Homestake Opera House’s (HOH) “Party like it’s 1914!” party on 8/31. Think about the outfits they wore on the film “Titanic” which sank in 1912….. Got it in your mind? That’s the look I’m going for. This party will kick off their season and is in honor of when the HHOH was originally dedicated in August of 1914. The thing is, there are a lot of costumes to choose from. Should I be a scullery maid and just wear a simple dress with coal smudged on my face? Should I wear a 1914 swimming suit? A party dress like Rose from the Titanic? An Edwardian garden dress with a fun hat? In 1914 you would have had very little to choose from if you lived in Lead. The way you dressed would have suited your role in life be it housewife, miner, man of business, teacher, child, etc. If you were attending the original dedication of the HOH you would have either had the money to have maybe a few “fancy dress options” Or you would have worn your “Sunday best” with your nicest hat. In 2021 with access to the internet and cheap ready made clothes, I can buy whatever kind of costume my heart desires and it will show up on my door stop.

Our clothes no longer directly signify to others our way of life….. Just ask my husband how often I wear “workout” clothes compared to how often I work out! Is the idea of judging others based on what they wear even relevant in this ready made clothes environment we live in today?

As I write this the Black Hills are full of visitors whose clothes share a message “I am a biker”. However some of these bikers only dress this way for one week of the year and some wear biker clothes every day as a tribute to their favorite hobby. These bikers will also be spending a lot of money this week on Sturgis Rally gear as a visible sign to others that they have attended one of the world’s biggest bike events. So maybe our clothes do still define us?

Does what you choose to wear tell a story about yourself? Is it the narrative you want to be displayed or is this not even a blip on your radar? Questions I ask myself as I continue to scroll the internet looking for the perfect 1914 costume that ideally I can wear again. Wish me luck and I hope to see you at the party in your 1914 version of yourself!


_____ Here’s what’s happening in Lead this week

If you haven’t yet checked out Bikers Tunes and Brews from 1-5pm at Aspire Boutique please come down. This special Rally event wraps up Friday night!

Same goes for Biker Breakfast at the CMC. Friday morning is the last morning to grab an amazing breakfast at the CMC from 7:00 AM-11:00 AM

Thursday 8/12  Dance classes begin again at Explore Fitness and Adventures! Mommy Me Dance classes from 2-3.Level 3 dance classes start again! Couples dance class in the evening! Email Katrina at for more information.

The Handley Recreation Center is also offering HITT workout classes on Thursday from 5-6 PM. Email Katrina at for more information.

Thursday 8/12 – 3pm, Bingo at Jailhouse Taps! Enjoy a beer and bingo every Thursday. It’s just a dollar to play and winners will take home the pot!

Friday 8/13  – Mountain Life Fitness Class, a lunch time workout class at Explore Fitness and Adventures. Email Katrina at for more information.

Saturday 8/14 – Antique and Arts Row or 2nd Saturday! Please join your neighbors and over 31 Lead businesses for August’s event. The theme this month is Rally and it falls on National Creamsicle day! Open Container up and down Lead Main.

Sunday 8/15 – Wake up and Worship with our local LACC churches! Service times can be found at our online calendar at

City Commision meeting at 5 PM – Just a reminder that these meetings are weekly every Monday from now until the City budget is finalized.

Tuesday 8/17 – 8AM, Lawrence County Commission Regular Meeting at the Lawrence County Administrative Annex Building

Tuesday 8/17 – 5-8pm, Last Lead Live for the summer!!! Live Music, inflatables, food, and fun for all!

Tuesday 8/17 – 6:30pm, Poker for Fun at 6:30 PM at the Blackstone Lodge! In the Hangar Seven Lodge, free Texas Hold’em for fun!

Wednesday 8/18 – 6-9pm, Trivia Night at Jailhouse Taps!

Wednesday 8/18 – 7pm Join Homestake Opera House for their free movie Series: August’s movie is “The Goonies”. Sponsored by Miners Merchants Trading Post!

Wednesday 8/18 – 8PM, Join Lead Assembly of God Church at Manuel Brother’s Park for the “Chosen” series


__________News & Notes

Tickets for our 2nd Annual Gold Tournament at the Lead Country Club on Sunday 9/5 are now live! Grab them here:

With Love from Lead,
Christine Allen
Outreach & Events Director

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