Happy 4th of July 2019!

Happy Independence Day!

It seems like the 4th of July kind of snuck up on us this year! Where did June go? How is it already here? But nonetheless here we are!

So much going on! I hope you’ll come celebrate with us in Lead and see what’s new. Come down to the Chamber Information Booth outside my office window and say hi, grab a print schedule and play our Yahtzee Run (it’s like a poker run but playing Yahtzee instead of poker.)

I’d love to tell you how excited I am about each and every event but there’s not time and not space so I’ll just let you look over the schedule of awesome events for yourself. We’ve tried to keep the online schedule the most up to date: https://leadmethere.org/gcj/gold-camp-jubilee-days-in-lead/

Still want to be in the parade? You can just bring a registration form down to the line up and hand it in there.

Hopefully I’ll see you around town!!
Questions? Ideas? Comments about the festivities? Let me know! I may not get back to you for a bit (it’s a little nutty around here right now) but I will at some point!

Thanks for all your support!

Sierra Ward

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