We are GO!

Howdy Everyone!

What a beautiful morning!!

And NOW for the most pressing answer of the day, YES! We’re having the Annual Banquet. We live in Lead cause we don’t mind a little snow, and I know it might be difficult for a few of you to get here from Rapid, but if we rescheduled, we’d also lose people. Tonight will be especially memorable – and doubtless even more beautiful!

If you can make it from Rapid you can grab a nice hotel room from any of our wonderful hoteliers and make a mini break out of it. Call me if you’d like recommendations or ideas.

A word about the dress code. Yesterday I was watching an episode of Queer Eye and one of the guys perfectly explained it. He basically said “fancy” sometimes makes people feel excluded or unable to meet an invisible bar, it can be pretentious and exclusionist. (gag!) Instead let’s think of it as “special”. Dressing different than we do every day, making a bit of extra effort makes a time stand out – and it’s so fun to see each other in a new light. I want you to come no matter what, so if special to you means the jeans without holes and your nice t-shirt or a tuxedo, then babe, you do you and come hang out with us!  One of the things I love about Lead is that there’s space for everyone and very little pressure to be one particular way or thing.

Okay… enough about the banquet – though I can hardly contain my excitement!


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